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OPL Event 3: The Paintball Battleground

Written By Matt Gregersen

Saturday, July 14th marked the beginning of OPL Event 3 – The Virtue Open – hosted by Adrenaline Paintball in Melbourne, Ontario. Despite the incredible heat over two days, all divisions were able to compete their games without a hitch while shooting GI Sportz 3 star paintballs. On site, the OPL also had free tech support services provided by DLX, Dye, and Planet Eclipse – which was great as the heat took a toll on most equipment, and players. The fields at Adrenaline Paintball were fantastic; this was a great venue and field for all types of player.

Saturday, July 14th

On Saturday, the teams in the Beginners and D4 divisions competed for their chance to win top prizes in their respective divisions; a gear package from Virtue for the Beginner division, and cold hard cash for the D4 teams.

The Beginners and D4 teams didn’t even notice the thunderstorm, as they fought through the weather. In the Beginners division, Hustlers Academy, Beach Boyz 2, Wolves, and Halton Havoc secured the final four stops. But ultimately, it was Hustlers Academy who inched out Beach Boyz 2 to take 1st place home. Hustlers Academy ended up taking a close game with the Wolves, rounding out our top 3 teams – who took home Virtue Spires, Virtue Vio’s, and Pod packs.

The D4 division was tight as always. Ultimately, we saw the same top four teams push their way into the finals. In a hard fought match, Hustlers ended up taking 3rd place over the Juveniles in a down to the second thriller. In the finals, we found ourselves with a rematch between the Leisure Kings and Recon. Us in the Behind the Bunker booth had this down to be a close match, but ultimately Leisure Kings ran away with a 3-1 victory over Recon – taking home their first, 1st place finish of the season! Congratulations to the Leisure Kings, Recon D4, and Hustlers for a great event.

Top 3’s
Beginners: 1. Halton Havoc, 2. Beach Boyz 2, 3. Hustlers Academy
Division 4: 1. Leisure Kings, 2. Recon D4, 3. Hustlers

Sunday July 15th

On Sunday, we found ourselves in the scorching heat, with no clouds or rain to cool us down. Because of the heat, we saw players become sick and tired quite quickly. A huge thank you to Adrenaline Paintball and all its staff for accommodating all the players and making sure there was cold drinks and food for everyone on site both days.

On Sunday, we saw Division 5, and Division 3 fighting back and forth, with plenty of close games, overtimes, and 1-on-1 sudden death challenges. Hype, Kingston Red Dragons, Beach Boyz, and Wolverines shot their way to an action packed top 4. Kingston Red Dragons fought hard and clawed their way back from a deficit to take 3rd over the Beach Boyz in an insane back and forth ultimately winning 3 to 2. In the finals we had the new faces that was the Wolverines and Hype. Wolverines played fantastic, but ultimately was just edged out by an experienced Hype team, coached by veteran Nelson Fonseca. Hype ended up taking the finals 3-2 for cold hard cash. And, a big congratulations to the Wolverines their efforts as well. I am definitely excited to see what they can do next event.

During Division 3, we saw experience take over and witnessed some excellent matches between the top 4 teams: Toronto Chargers, Momentum, Rockstar Militia, and Challengers Hype. Rockstar Militia ended up stealing 3rd from an experienced Challengers Hype team, in a hard fought match which saw Rockstar ultimately dominate with a 3-1 victory over Challengers Hype – coached by veteran camp leader Ben Challenger. The division 3 finals went right down to the wire. A tired Toronto Chargers team could not keep up with the speed and tenacity of an aggressive Momentum squad, who was seemingly immune to the 35 degree weather. Point after point of attacking the Chargers, they finally put them down and won 3 to 2. Momentum showed experience with their patience and coordinated aggressiveness; this division has proven to be a true battleground.

Top 3’s:
Division 5: 1. Hype, 2. Wolverines, 3. Kingston Red Dragons
Division 3: 1. Momentum, 2. Toronto Chargers, 3. Rockstar Militia


Join the OPL next event at Wasaga Beach Paintball for Event 4, which coincides with Wasaga Paintball’s big game INVASION. Having both events run side-by-side is going to make for an unforgettable event, so make sure to register before it’s too late.



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