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BBs, Airsoft BBs Everywhere!

Written By Elizabeth Stewart

Have you ever been in a room and all of a sudden you hear a *Bang* followed by several BBs flying your way from unpredictable angles? The first time I encountered this my only responses were “OMG WHAT WAS THAT?” followed by “Holy CRAP, they’re EVERYWHERE!” Even though I knew about smoke grenades in airsoft, BB impact grenades were a whole new experience.

After this life changing situation, I wanted to understand exactly what the BB grenades were since I never wanted to get snuck up on again. Low and behold, Badlands offers two types of BB grenades at the moment: the Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Grenade and the ASG Storm 360 Grenade.

The AI cyclone is reusable, green gas powered and fires 140 BBs in 1 toss. With BBs flying at 225 FPS in every direction, I can see how this could clear out a whole room all at once. The bonuses that come with the grenade could be the selling point for me, 1 mystery Patch (Hey, who doesn’t like a surprise to add to their patch collection), sticker skins to make the grenade the colour I like, and oil to keep it running. 

The ASG Storm 360 grenade is also reusable, and green gas powered. This grenade is a little bigger in size and holds 160 BBs. It has a more realistic size and feel than the cyclone grenade.  With the ability to shot BBs 32ft in any direction, this grenade can also clear out a whole room and then some.

Learning about these grenades shows me that there is more to airsoft than just shooting at each other. I also know now to run from a room when I hear that sudden *BANG*. Alternatively, I could just throw the grenade back at the person (gonna have to try this).

So next time you need to clear the way to the objective and you see the enemy grouped up, make sure you have your secret weapon to maximize your chances- I know I will.

Hope to see everyone on the field soon.

Further Reading:

What is the Airsoft Innovations Cyclone?

The Cyclone is a reusable, green gas powered grenade made by Airsoft Innovations. It is an impact triggered, single vent system that fires 140 bb’s at 225fps. These are used in airsoft for eliminating groups of players clustered together, or clearing a space that you are unable to safely clear directly.

The single Cyclone grenade comes with the following:

-          1 x Cyclone Grenade, fitted with blue sleeve

-          1 x Pull Pin

-          1 x Spoon

-          1 x Bottle of Silicone Oil

-          2 x Alternate colored sleeves

-          1 Morale Patch

The Cyclone is also available in a 3-pack that comes with the following:

-          3 x Cyclone Grenade, fitted with blue sleeves

-          3 x Pull Pin

-          3 x Spoon

-          3 x Bottle of Silicone Oil

-          3 x HANN Grenade Holster

-          3 x Lanyard Reel

-          3 x Morale patches (Full set)

Features and Benefits

Reusable Gas Operated Design – The cyclone is a completely reusable design, with no consumable parts. Simply reset the firing piston and detonation mechanism, reload your bb’s and gas, and it is ready to be reused.

High Quality Polymer Construction – The Cyclone is made of a rugged polymer that is both lightweight and able to handle long term use with minimal issues.

High Sensitivity Impact Ignition – The impact based trigger in the Cyclone is simple and reliable. Using the grenade is as simple as pulling the pin, releasing the spoon and throwing it, and the Impact system is so sensitive that most impacts will trigger it.

140 Round Capacity – The cyclone uses a double stacked serpentine passage to hold a large amount of bb’s while remaining compact. The design of the vent system causes it to spin when it detonates, which helps achieve a uniform spread of BB’s in an enclosed space.

Fast and Simple Reload – Airsoft Innovations claims that the whole process of resetting and reloading a Cyclone can be completed in 40 seconds. Even for the average user who can’t assemble their Cyclones blindfolded, this will be an easy and stress-free set up.

Standard Flashbang Scale – The cyclone is built to the same scale as an actual flashbang grenade. Enthusiasts looking for equipment that closely mimics the real thing will appreciate this level of detail.

Grenade Oil – Included with the grenade is the silicone oil required for maintenance, the user will not need to buy additional supplies to maintain their new grenade as they come with it. Alternate Sleeves – Two alternately coloured body sleeves are included with the Cyclone, so the user can change the colour of it to suit their preference and help identify it as theirs after using it.

HANN Grenade Holster – A MOLLE compatible holster clip that keeps the grenade ready for fast deployment. It uses a plastic primary clip and a bungee secondary retention loop to keep the grenades from falling out of the holster.

Lanyard Reel – A spring loaded cable that mounts to the HANN holster, it attaches the spoon of the grenade to the holster, preventing it from being dropped and misplaced on deployment.

Morale Patches – A Velcro backed flavour patch.

Warranty – Lifetime Warranty on the body of Grenade, Base and head of Grenade are available for purchase to replace.


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