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Question: What do you mean by refurbished?

Question: What do you mean by refurbished? I know what refurbished means, but what are the details of refurbished on this item? Have you tested it? Does it still work? No leaks?

Answer: Refurbished products are any products that have previously been sold and used but have since been returned, cleaned and tested for re-sale at a discounted rate. Refurbished items are available through our online store and not at your local Badlands.

Where do we get our refurbished gear from?

Our refurbished stock ranges from defective items that we repaired to tech repairs that were dropped off and abandoned by the customer.

What is our process of approval?

Before being approved for listing on our website all items are put through a rigorous inspection process by our returns department. Items are then cleaned, repaired and tested (if required) to ensure that they meet our quality control standards. Provided the item meets these standards it is then made available for sale on our website.

How do I know what the defects are?

All defects on our refurbished gear will be listed in the description of the product and/or the name. If you require more information about any of our refurbished items please do not hesitate to reach out to us via LiveChat, email ([email protected]) or toll-free (1-800-717-3754)

Can I return a refurbished item?

Yes, all of our refurbished gear is returnable and subject to our standard 30 day return policy unless otherwise indicated. To view full details of our return policy please see our terms and conditions:


Do refurbished items have warranty?

Yes, if your refurbished item does not arrive in the advertised condition we can honour the warranty. For any other issues you must go through the manufacturer.

A refurbished item I was looking at is out of stock, when will it be available again?

In most cases we will not receive a refurbished item in the same condition again. We strongly advise that if you see a refurbished item that you are interested in that you purchase it immediately or risk missing out. 

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