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Tips for Taking Care of your Paintball Mask

Your paintball mask is an extremely important piece of paintball equipment, so taking care of it should be a top priority. These quick-tips are designed for new players, and will help you keep your mask clean and your vision clear!

1) Reapply your anti-fog spray! This one is for players using single-pane lenses. Always make sure you have cleaned your mask’s lens, and apply a fresh layer of anti-fog spray before hitting the field. If you forget to apply your anti-fog spray, you will quickly be reminded once you are playing!

2) Don’t let that paint sit. Got hit in the mask while playing? Clean it off when you are off the field.  Do not leave paint on your lens! It will deteriorate the lens over time, and some paint can stain your lens. Make sure to get into the nooks and crannies where the lens meets the frame – paint left in those crevices can eat away at, and weaken the lens.

3) Take care of your thermal lens. Thermal lenses are dual-paned lenses, which are sealed together by glue and foam. This helps regulate the temperature of your lens and reduces fogging. Never submerge your goggles under water. The foam barrier between the lens panes is porous, and if you get water between your lens panes, you will have to throw the lens away. To properly clean your dual-pane lens, apply water to a clean towel or cloth, and carefully wipe any paint off of the outer lens.  Do not use paper towel on the inside lens, as it will scratch. We recommend using a micro-fiber cloth on the inside lens.

4) Bring a microfiber cloth onto the field with you. Wiping paint-spray or bunker-rub off with a regular cloth or your hand can cause smearing and distorted vision. Quickly cleaning off any paint with a microfiber cloth will give you a superior clean and enable you to see clearly.

5) Change that lens out. Paintball lenses will need to be changed eventually. If your lens has pits or scrapes, it is probably time to change it. If you play often, we recommend changing your lens yearly.

6) Do NOT use Windex or other glass cleaners on your paintball mask. These are glass cleaners, not polycarbonate lens cleaners. Using glass cleaner will damage your lens.

With these basic tips, you are set to hit the field without the worry of fog ruining your day! Always wear your mask when playing paintball, and play safe! Have questions about mask maintenance? Ask below!

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