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Grid Fighters Central Event #4 Recap

GFL Central Event 4 / Eastern Event 3


July 23rd 24th,, 2011  Gananoque, ON


To sum it up in 3 words, it was HOT, HOT and boy was it HOT! Putting Mother Nature aside, this past installment of the GFL was held at Ground Zero Paintball in beautiful Gananoque, Ontario, once again combining the 3rd event for the Eastern division with the 4th event of the Central division.


What started as a beautiful overcast and slightly humid Saturday of paintball, became a scorcher for the Open division teams. This episode of the GFL really pushed a lot of teams and players to their limit. Traveling from all over southern Ontario and eastern Quebec, teams converged in Gan for a weekend of paintball. Of all events so far, this truly was the event to make sure your teams roster was filled to the maximum six player limit.


Gatineau Altitude, which started the event with 2 players short and further suffered another player loss due to heat exhaustion, inevitably had to drop out of the race for this event - forfeiting their last 2 matches. The day also saw a merger between Kingston and Joyceville. Even Cambridge recruited a free agent photographer to fill their team in order to complete two full lines.


The matches were set at a much slower pace from the norm, most teams taking their primary bunkers and waiting for the other team to make mistakes and run into their stream. Points were responded to, adjustments were made between plays, but the teams with the most patience and discipline usually ended up with the wins. The highlights of this division belonged to Cambridge, who once again showed up with their A game, confirming why they are always a top contender at every event. Their experience really showed in how well they adjusted to any situation. Toronto also made a strong appearance at this event, battling it for points to climb up the rankings and maintaining a top position after their last events stellar performance.


Throughout the heat and all, it really was a day where the better-prepared team took the points home. Teams with a full pit crew and well hydrated players gave it their all, all day long.


Sundays Entry division was cooled off with a refreshing hoard of new players on roster for a few teams. Its unclear if this caused the change of pace and dynamics in the matches, but most games ended in shut outs, resulting in a really quick ending event. One of the top contenders for this division, Kingstons own Red Dragons, had a rough start in the first bracket, but after regrouping in the afternoon, were able to pull in a three-win streak in the Eastern division, which enabled them to keep a lead in their respective division. The upset of the day belonged to Dirt Army with a no show. The team who held a top place in the standings gave way for Red Dragons to take a further lead in points. The next and last event should be full of excitement to see who will bring it home for these young players, as the top spot is still within grasp, and anything can happen.


In conclusion of this GFL event, the featured INKA paint shot great and straight all weekend, even in the hottest of conditions. Thanks to Badlands and Planet Eclipse for providing remarkable service and support as always at the Planet Eclipse booth. Big kudos to all the players, friends, and families for making the trek to Gananoque - you guys are what makes this league so unique. The mutual respect and camaraderie between teams and players is second to none. Finally, biggest kudos to the refs for doing a thankless, but amazing job, all weekend on the field, and to our host Ground Zero Paintball for providing a great venue.


I cannot wait to see you all again at the next and last installment of this seasons GFL series to see who will bring home the coveted Planet Eclipse sponsorship and bragging rights. Theres still time to register your team and participate in a chance to win one of the prizes from the mystery pool!!  Until next time!


About the author: Navy Kim is a well known & respected Ontario-based paintball player, with international experience playing for the Femmes Fatales. Navy currently plays for Gatineaux Altitude in the GFL.

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