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Grid Fighters Gananoque Event Recap

Grid Fighters at the Xtreme Sports show in Gananoque, Ontario!


Sunday June 26th, 2011 brought the conclusion of another successful event for GFL. This event, 3rd of a series of 5 for Central teams and 2nd for Eastern teams, was held in the midst of the Xtreme Sports Trade Show hosted by the town of Gananoque in Ontario. Black Pony BMX’ers, skateboarders and paintball players alike converged at the town’s recreation center to put on a show like no other, showcasing their skills and talent within each of their respective extreme sport. Although the rain put a damper on the skateboard and BMX outdoors events, it surely didn’t stop paintball players! 


Saturday started with a bang with the Open upper bracket division teams competing for points to maintain their lead position in the series. What a surprise to see some of the best players in Ontario filling the roster for Toronto Lockdown with players from the Toronto Rage CXBL camp. The experience these guys have, really showed with their dominant wins against Kingston, Raiders Army and Gatineau Altitude. Raiders also showed up with a really strong squad for this event. The afternoon went on smoothly showcasing a few Eastern teams brought in to battle against the lower bracket central open teams.


At mid day, the Grid Fighters’ staff took over the field to prepare for “THE Event” of the weekend: the Grid Fighters demo. Targets were added to both ends of the fields, the score board was prepped and tested as the teams were set up and briefed. The horn announced the start of the match and it was game on between Montreal FX and Cambridge Raiders Army. The action out of the gate was unreal! With guns blazing, players on both ends were out just as quickly as they went in with only one goal: gain field position to shoot and activate targets located at each opposite ends of the field. With only 5 targets to activate per 5 minutes quarters, it proved difficult for each of these experienced teams to focus on their goal at hand. By half time, the objective became clearer when the maximum 10 cases of paint was running low, shifting the focus from eliminating players to shooting the targets. At the end of the match, feedback received, from both spectators and players, was extraordinary! Everyone enjoyed the format and the intensity it brought to paintball. Final score: 4-3 for Raiders Army.


Sunday’s Entry level division was a sold out hit. These Entry teams reminded me of how fun this game really is. Players who had never touched a marker took the field to battle it out in a race to 3 points. We saw crazy center pushes and very aggressive plays by these teams. The enthusiasm and eagerness to learn from every point displayed a lot of talent in the making. It was an action packed day from start to finish as shown in the very close scoring games.


Once again, the word was obviously spread, as even more Planet Eclipse markers took the field at this event. Planet Eclipse/Badlands provided a tech on-site to offer complimentary fixes and tune-ups to players.  The INKA Silver and Gold paint shot great all day, even in the muggy and rainy weather.


Well… that’s it for now! Another great event was successfully wrapped by Grid Fighters and its league! Thanks again to all the Grid Fighters staff, referees and all team who made the trek to Gananoque, Ontario. Looking forward to seeing you all again at the next event!!


About the author: Navy Kim is a well known & respected Ontario-based paintball player, with international experience playing for the Femmes Fatales. Navy currently plays for Gatineaux Altitude in the GFL.

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