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Guns Stolen From Badlands Calgary!

On Saturday January 7th, 2023, 3 individuals wearing hoodies and light coloured jackets broke into the Badlands paintball store at 463 42 Ave SE in Calgary and made off with some paintball and airsoft guns.

If you have any information, please email us: info@badlandspaintball.com.

Please keep your eyes open for anyone trying to sell "new" guns without boxes, and likely some damage. The guns were snatched, and not handled well, and will likely have broken parts or scratches. Parts may be missing.

Please find a list of the guns that were stolen with serial numbers below:

Tippmann Stormer Basic Paintball Gun S/N - 3049348
Tippmann Stormer Tactical Paintball Gun S/N - 3069040
Tippmann Stormer Elite Dual Fed Paintball Gun S/N - 3061190
Tiippmann Platinum 98 Custom ACT Paintball Gun Black S/N - 2031816
Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun (New Model) S/N - 684216
Tippmann TiPX Paintball Gun Pistol S/N - 127500
Tippmann Cronus Basic Paintball Gun S/N - 340523
Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun S/N - 411209
Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun Olive S/N - 9112884
Spyder Victor Paintball Gun Black S/N - N/A
Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun - Dust Gold/Silver S/N - AX2SG0945
Planet Eclipse MG100 / EMF100 MagFed Paintball Gun S/N - 17060-23743
Planet Eclipse ETHA3 Paintball Gun S/N - 20090-16601
CZ 75 P-07 Duty GBB CO2 Airsoft Gun Pistol S/N - 20F30663
CZ 75D Compact GNB CO2 4.5mm S/N - 19M55065
Steyr M9-A1 GNB CO2 4.5mm Airgun S/N - 20D53602
BERSA Thunder 9 PRO GNB 4.5mm S/N - 20D55885
CZ SP-01 GNB CO2 4.5mm - Shadow S/N - 21J054759
INGRAM M11 GNB CO2 4.5mm S/N - 21E06904

Paintball guns without serial numbers:

Spyder Victor Paintball Gun Black
HK Army SABR Paintball Gun - Dust Black/Black
HK Army SABR Paintball Gun - Dust Purple/Black
T4E TR50 Paintball Pistol
T4E TPM1 .43cal Paintball Pistol - Black
T4E HDR 68 Paintball Pistol Revolver - Black

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