Official Shadow Wolves Paintball Team Website
Shadow Wolves Paintball Team was officially formed in 2012 from a group of die-hard woodsball and scenario players. These core players strove to take their love of paintball to the next level by creating a combat unit that would use coordinated tasking and multiple tactical roles among its members to develop a strategic unit that would be an effective force in milsim and scenario style paintball.
Since 2012, the Shadow Wolves have increased their pack size to Fourteen as they enter into the 2018 season. The Shadow Wolves can often be found turning the tide at PRZ Paintball, but are looking to expand outside of their region of play and interacting with new teams.
"Whether they are working side by side on missions, or slinging paint at each other, at the end of the day it's all about the fun and stories of both victory and defeat. That's what paintballs about ... the rush of adrenaline, slinging some paint and having good times with new people."
-Shadow Wolves