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The Crimson Sabres are a Mil-Sim Woodsball Team based out of Calgary, Alberta. The Crimson Sabres pride themselves on being an extremely active group both on and off the paintball field. When not geared up and slinging paint, you can find the Crimson Sabres participating in charity and sponsor oriented events, refereeing various paintball scenarios, attending team BBQs, camping and various other team relaxation events.
The Crimson Sabres are unique in that they also maintain a Team Support Group (TSG) of non-active fighters and volunteers who are a part of the team but are not part of the fighting corp. The TSG is essential to the team both on and off the field, and performs crucial tasks such as photography, camp control, medial services and multimedia services.
Not only are the Crimson Sabres active within the paintball community, they are also going above and beyond daily with the creation of the Sabre Cadets program. This program is geared towards players 10 years of age and older who receive paintball training with the senior members of the Crimson Sabres. This allows the Crimson Sabres to introduce new players to the sport in a controlled and safe manor, dispelling many parents fears of the absent dangers in paintball.