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Angled Foregrip Black


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Angled Foregrip Black

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The Angled Foregrip is compatible with 1913 Picatinny rails. The ergonomic design complements natural body mechanics to provide a comfortable grip for your gunss hand guard, reducing fatigue, and allowing for more precise shooting control. Perfect for the scenario player looking to simulate that real steel look of modern weapons.

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Perfect fit

Looks like it belongs on my E-MR


      Quick accusation

      This fore grip is a fantastic addition to my rifle. I've positioneed it back on the fore-grip rails so I can keep the rifle tight to myself and have both comfort and control. At the front of the grip is a bit of a hand guard that can be used as a stumpy forward grip, great for control and accusation of targets in C.Q situations, and being back on the rifle I can slide my hand back, reach my mags, reload and return to a controlled position swiftly and while keeping my crossection low and tight.



          It is very easy to install, only 3 allen or hex screws (1/8 bit), just swaping out the flat pad with the finger pad can prove a bit tricky. i havent used it at an actual game but i have practiced and shot with a few friends at their own property.
          the included pad with the finger piece helps alot to pull my G&G cm16 into my sholder wich helps stable my gun, before i was just holding onto the magwell.
          i would of liked the finalized product to be about 1/2' to 1/4' shorter at the back end (there is a small tab that prevents me to slide it all the way to the rear or my rail, but nothing a hand saw could fix)

          All in all. Great product for a reasonable price!


              Sleek and Sexy

              I ordered this online and when I got it, I was impressed. There was another small insert that you could swap out for a smooth angled grip. It is a gorgeous piece. It feels comfortable, and allows for enhanced control of my Sierra One. Very Impressed


                  Does not fit gun put under in "upgrade"

                  Marked on this site as a Tiberius upgrade and it doesn't even fit the shroud. (the upper part of the grip is too narrow) So was a complete waste of money. Wonderful.

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                      Angled Foregrip Black

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