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Badlands carries a wide selection of airsoft gun upgrades and accessories.We stock hundreds of airsoft gun upgrades to choose from that can enhance your airsoft gun. Add external airsoft gun upgrades such as Bi-pods, Carry Handles, Foregrips, Sight Rails, Gun Stocks, Tactical Lights, Lazers and Gun Shrouds. 

While External upgrades are great don't forget about upgrading your airsoft gun internals, with replacement air nozzles, cylinder heads, and gearsets, Badlands has the gear that will keep you on the field and performing your best!

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Air Nozzles

Airsoft Air Nozzles

Air Nozzles feed rounds into the hop up and channel air from the cylinder through the hop up unit and down the barrel. Most airsoft nozzles are a plastic or aluminum tube with a grooved rear edge to lock into place in the tappet plate. The air nozzle sits over top the front end of the cylinder head and travels back and forth on it, actuated by the tappet plate.

Cylinder Heads

Cylinder Head

The Cylinder head acts as a contact face for the piston during the firing cycle and channels the air burst generated through the air nozzle. A plastic or metal cap that seats inside of the front end of the cylinder on the rear end, with a smaller metal tube protruding from the front end for the air nozzle to seat over top of. Two circular notches on each side seat in the gearbox shell to locate the unit and hold it in place. 

Cylinder Tune-Up Kits


A brass or aluminum tube that acts as the compression body during the firing cycle. When the piston assembly pushes forward from the back it seals up and compresses the air in the cylinder, accelerating it out through the cylinder head to fire the airsoft bb.



A plastic tube with guide slots on each side, and teeth in the bottom. The piston is actuated by the sector gear, being pulled back along it’s guides to compress the drive spring. At the end of spring compression it is released to be pushed forward as the spring decompresses.

Piston Heads

Piston Head

A plastic or metal cap with an oring groove in the side and cut ports across the face and a mounting interface on the backside. The mounting interface on the back allows the piston head to be anchored to the piston. The ports across the face channel air during the firing cycle to apply pressure to the piston head oring, pushing it out and against the cylinder, improving the compression seal.

Power Springs

Power Springs are the perfect way make adjusting the velocity of your airsoft gun easy. Choose between a variety of spring weights to effectively lower your velocity for indoor games or to increase your velocity to achieve long range eliminations on outdoor fields. For any serious airsoft operator owning a variety of power springs for different playing fields is ideal.

Wire and Fuse Sets

Wire and Fuse Sets are the perfect way to upgrade your AEG airsoft gun. Replacement fuse sets will keep you marker up and running at optimal performance. Having a spare fuse set is never a bad idea when playing in adverse weather conditions or for extended over night game scenarios. Upgrading the wiring in your airsoft gun can significantly increase the units over all performance and effectiveness on the field. Depending on the wiring set you choose you can increase your rate of fire, trigger sensitivity and over all lifespan of your trigger switch. Help help take the performance of your airsoft gun a step further with Wire and Fuse Sets from Badlands Paintball!

SRC Airsoft Gun Parts

SRC Airsoft Gun Parts

ICS Airsoft Gun Parts

ICS Airsoft Gun Parts

WE TECH Airsoft Gun Parts

WE TECH Airsoft Gun Parts