Badlands carries a wide variety of Airguns and we are continuously expanding our offering of high quality airgun pistols and rifles so that you have a great selection to choose from. Airguns are not the same as airsoft guns! These guns are not designed to shoot at other human beings, but are perfect for recreational and competitive target shooting. If you are looking for the most realistic look and feel possible, airguns from Badlands will definitely be for you. Shop with confidence from Badlands - we have been in business since 1988, and have two stores nationwide to serve you! 

*Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase airguns*

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Airgun Magazines

Badlands carries a wide range of replacement magazines, cartridges, and speedloaders for your airgun pistol or rifle, so that you can carry a couple of spares, or replace a lost or damaged magazine, cartridge, or speed loader.