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A5 Tactical Stock Black


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This aggressive-looking, heavy-duty polymer stock is adjustable to six different positions with the pull of a lever, so you can adjust it to the length that suits you best!

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This aggressive-looking, heavy-duty polymer stock is adjustable to six different positions with the pull of a lever, so you can adjust it to the length that suits you best! Your accuracy will improve because you will be able to hold your marker more steadily which allows for better aiming! 

The A5 Tactical Stock fits the Tippmann A5 and Inpsire series markers and ranges from 7 in length to 11 in length when fully extended.


  • Fits Tippmann A5 and Inspire markers.
  • Multi-position adjustable length
  • Length Extends from 7 to 11 inches
  • Hole at base of stock for sling attachment



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horrible i used this stock once it fell of a table and broke the first time is used it


      Do not buy!

      My friend bought me this for my birthday, I put it on at the first game i play i shoot 3 times and it the thing just blew up into pieces...Pathetic design and pathetic materials, Didn't get one round out of the piece of junk.


          Do not buy. Connector broke on first use

          This thing broke on my first outing. The locaton where you us the pins to connect the stock broke. both holes broke. I was lucky a friend in the group had a spare.


              Don't buy this

              The mounts that attach to your gun, that the push pins go through, snap off the first time you put it through any heavy use.
              I then got a $20 metal stock replacement tube, and had to disassemble the original stock. and replaced the broken tube (with mounts) with my new metal replacement... but now the original piece flops around quite a bit. and it just doesnt seem high quality. too bad because originally... it looks pretty sweet.


                  it is not what it seems

                  I will be straight to the point the stock is a piece of garbage because the two attachment holes are a pile of trash they break very easily. Other stocks are double the price but theyll last you a little longer id recommend getting the metal stock insert which is 21.99 and this will raise the stock entirely to 41.99 but then again the other stocks are 39.99 and 59.99 and those arent even metal so I would choose this tactical stock with a metal insert


                      Break on first game!

                      I make it quick, i installed the stock properly and in my first game it broke. Everything fell off, i find the inner pieces and i have to buy a new stock full price on the field $$$. NEVER buy it, you will regret it.


                          This product is useful enough

                          This product is very flimsy. I tried it out for the first time at georgina paintball, and two rounds in, it snapped. Took it back to badlands, got a replacement. Five shots and it broke. Took it back again, got a refund, and bought the reinforced model. Buy the A5 Carstock, it's more exspensive but it won't break.



                              This stock is horrible. It broke on the very fisrt shot I took with it. Both of the plasic holes that you put the pushpins through broke. I definitly has some kind of defect. don't buy it. Invest in a better stock. you can't even aim witrh it any way.


                                  Carcked on first shoot

                                  In the process of trying to return this item..easy installation, the stock cracked on the first shoot. Possibly a defect?


                                      Not Impressed

                                      In my opinion it's pretty heavy for a stalk, especially if your trying to keep your gun lightweight. I found that it was hard to extend the stock out, and to make matters worse, it broke during the first installation!
                                      I bought a second one to see if it was a fluke and it also broke. I'm not to impressed.


                                          Not so good

                                          I bought this about a month ago. Great price and the look was awesome. Very easy to install, and my marker looks awesome. Took it out to CQB for an afternoon of paintballing. While i was using the chrono, the mount that holds the pins snapped on me. Brought it back to Badlands, and they issued me a replacement. Great! While I was there bought a APEX2 barrel. Attached it to my gun, looks even better! took it out to the range. Fired 3 shots and guess what, it broke again! Same spot! Another return and another replacement. This happened in a span of 10 days! I took it out this past weekend... and behold ... SNAP... it broke again...this stock is garbage! Brought the stock home and put it under a blow-torch! done with buying stuff from Petrol.

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                                              A5 Tactical Stock Black

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