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7 Piece Bore Sizer Kit Cocker


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7 Piece Bore Sizer Kit Cocker

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7 Piece Bore Sizer Kit - Cocker

Over the years, experienced paintball players have found that correctly sizing their barrel to the paintballs being used leads to both increased accuracy and air efficiency. The 7 Piece Bore Sizer Kit Cocker offers a comprehensive selection of bore sizes, while maintaining an economical price point.
With only 1.75 inches of compression length the majority of barrels and barrel systems will obtain significant increases in accuracy and efficiency. This means massive increases in performance can be found when using even the most basic of barrels. Simply install the 7 Piece Bore Sizer Kit to the rear of your favourite barrel and watch your game improve!
Rather than having to buy several expensive full barrel backs or complete barrels of various bore sizes a player can save time and money with the 7 Piece Bore Sizer Kit Cocker!

Kit Includes:
  • Cocker Threaded Barrel Adapter
  • .688 Insert
  • .685 Insert
  • .682 Insert
  • .679 Insert
  • .677 Insert
  • .675 Insert
  • Hard Plastic Case
Thread: Cocker
Cocker Threaded Paintball Guns:
  • Planet Eclipse Etha
  • Planet Eclipse Etek
  • Planet Eclipse LV1
  • Planet Eclipse GEO
  • Empire Mini GS
  • Empire AXE
  • Empire Vanquish
  • Empire Sniper
  • Empire Resurrection
  • Proto Rail
  • DYE DM
  • Autocockers
  • Bob Longs

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Not for MILSIG M17 SMG

Twice installed the kit on my MILSIG M17 SMG, the first time the bore sizer housing bent at the internal portion as I think the hammer struck it, needed to use pliers to get it out and scratched it all up. The second time, the hammer actually wedged in the .679 sleeve, works good in my BT4, my son has a kit and worked well in his BT4.


      Super Useful Kit

      Considering how inconsistent various brands of paint has been, even within the same brand the paint sizes change, so having this kit has been helpful to match the bore to the paintball. Now no matter where I play, it does not matter what paint they offer. I recommend this as it will improve accuracy and help get more breaks on the other team!


          Works well only complaint is the thin/weakness of the metal.

          I really like this product my only issue was when I went to unscrew it the one time just the barrel came off and not the bore sizer kit so I had to take channel locks to the kit to get it to unscrew because it was on so tight. The bore sizer kit got bent a bit because it is such thin metal but I manage to fix it and it still works fine. It is just a little tight screwing on barrels now

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              7 Piece Bore Sizer Kit Cocker

              7 Piece Bore Sizer Kit Cocker

              7 Piece Bore Sizer Kit Cocker

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