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3-9x40EG Red/Green Scope by Killhouse Weapon Systems


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3-9x40EG Red/Green Scope by Killhouse Weapon Systems

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Killhouse Weapon Systems


Bring your enemies closer with the 3-9x40EG Red/Green Scope by Killhouse Weapon Systems. With the ability to zoom between 3 and 9 times, the 3-9x40EG Red/Green Scope by Killhouse Weapon Systems is ideal for all mid and long range combat situations. Utilizing both Red and Green illumination with 5 levels of intensity, the 3-9x40EG Red/Green Scope is ideal in multiple lighting conditions, giving you a clean, clear view of enemy combatants.

Ideal for any long range player, the 3-9x40EG Red/Green Scope has capped toolless elevation and windage dials, allowing you to make minute adjustments on the field to guarantee a clean shot. Included with the scope are two 1" picatinny mounting rails, giving you the ability to quickly and easily mount your scope onto your favourite paintball or airsoft gun.


  • 3 to 9 levels of magnification
  • Red and Green illumination
  • 5 levels of intensity
  • Tool Less windage and elevation dials
  • Scope cap included for added protection and reduced glare
  • Two 1" picatinny scope mounts included
Note: Not warrantied against breakage due to paintball or BB impacts.
*For paintball and airsoft use only. Not suitable for use with firearms.




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Paintball Masks: The Bane of this Scope

To start off, I play Airsoft and Paintball although I prefer Airsoft, so I apologize if there is bias here.
I bought this scope originally to mount on my TCR and L96 style airsoft rifle, n-not because of the illuminated reticle, mil-dots, rangefinder, or variable zoom. *drools*
To be frank, it packs a punch for the package. In being dazzled by the extra features of the scope, I completely forgot to check out the eye relief.
Eye relief is the distance from the lens that the eye has to be before the whole field of view is seen.
From what I can tell, one's eye has to be approx two inches from the lens for the FOV to be seen without obstruction. Which is pretty bad for those poor sods with either glasses, goggles, and especially paintball masks, so pretty much everyone.
However, not all is bad. Despite the goggle/mask taking up half of the eye relief, the scope is completely worth it, if one prefers to stay stationary and has the time to properly engage targets, which will be easy due to the windage and elevation adjustments not needing tools to be changed.
I would not recommend this scope for a more active role on the playing field such as a designated marksman(exception would be an airsofter)or if one shoots a large caliber rifle such as those chambered in .300 WinMag.
I also do not recommend mounting this scope on a speedball marker via duct tape, zip ties, and desperate hope.
I will however recommend, nay, promote this scope for those seeking a more stationary sniping role, or if they play Airsoft and do not have to deal with the bane of a Paintball mask.

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      3-9x40EG Red/Green Scope by Killhouse Weapon Systems

      3-9x40EG Red/Green Scope by Killhouse Weapon Systems

      3-9x40EG Red/Green Scope by Killhouse Weapon Systems

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