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Badlands Paintball - Canadas Paintball Store Since 1988

Badlands Paintball has been passionately involved with paintball since 1988. When it comes to the game of paintball the Badlands team knows a thing or two about the game. Whether you are just getting started or an avid paintball player, Badlands Paintball stocks paintball guns, paintball masks, paintball hoppers and paintball gear for every type of player.

If you have any questions, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you by email, phone or live chat. 

Paintball Knowledge 101 – Paintball Gear Basics

If you would like to play the game of paintball, there are a few primary products you will need. This includes a paintball gun, paintball mask, paintball hopper, paintball air tank and paintballs. Badlands stocks a variety of these items in multiple types, styles and colours. We have everything you need to play the game of paintball!

Paintball Gun

Basic Primary Function - Air powered gun that shoots .68 caliber paintballs.

The paintball gun is a core piece of equipment in the game of paintball. There are many brands and styles available. When you first start out, depending on your budget, you can get an entry level blowback paintball gun at an affordable price. Most entry level guns can be enhanced by adding new paintball gun upgrades. If you want some serious firepower, contact us on the Live Chat to explore the best available options. Learn More about Paintball Guns…

Paintball Mask

Basic Primary Function – Protects the ears, face and eyes from direct paintball impacts.

The paintball mask is a required piece of paintball equipment and for safety reasons, you cannot play paintball without them. Paintball playing facilities require the use of proper ASTM* approved paintball masks. Most paintball masks come in one universal size with adjustable straps. Not all goggles are built the same and they vary by how much comfort, vision and protection is provided. Learn more about Paintball Masks…

*Your safety is important to us, we stock the paintball masks that meet ASTM guidelines for quality and safety. Shop with confidence when choosing your paintball mask.

Paintball Hopper

Basic Primary Function – Container that holds the paintballs and feeds them into the paintball gun.

The paintball hopper holds extra paintballs before they are fired. Most paintball hoppers have a 200 round capacity. There is a full variety of paintball hoppers ranging from basic gravity fed hoppers to force fed battery operated paintball hoppers. Most players begin with a 200 round gravity hoppers on basic starter paintball guns. Eventually as you want to increase rate of fire, you will want a force fed paintball hopper. Learn more about Paintball Hoppers…

Paintball Air Tank

Basic Primary Function – Small cylinder that attaches to a paintball gun and acts as the propulsion for the paintballs.

The paintball air tank stores gas that is used to propel the paintballs out of the paintball gun. There are two main types of gas, either CO2 or compressed air / nitrogen. They must be filled at an approved facility familiar with paintball air tanks. A majority of paintball parks will have air / CO2 refills available. Air tanks come in a variety of tank sizes, output consistency, shot capacity and pressures. Learn more about Paintball Air Tanks…


Basic Primary Function – Brightly colored round gelatin balls with bright fills, used to mark players.

In order to play paintball, it is a given that you will need paintballs to shoot at the opposing team. Despite the name “Paintballs”, they are not actually filled with paint. They contain a mixture of ingredients that are easy to clean off once a player is hit. Paintballs can vary in quality based on a few key factors which include Shape, Fill Color, Brittleness, Fill Density and Age. Learn more about Paintballs…