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Can the Virtue VIO make you a better player?

Posted by Will Mascall on 1/31/2014 to Paintball and Airsoft News

Virtue VIO Paintball Masks and Accessories Now Available at Badlands Paintball

Watch the Official Badlands Paintball Virtue VIO Unboxing and Review on our Youtube channel, BadlandsPaintballTV or by clicking here.

The highly anticipated VIO Paintball Goggle System from Virtue Paintball has finally hit Canada! Badlands is proud to be the first paintball pro-shop in Canada to stock the Virtue VIO and its accessories. The Virtue VIO Paintball Goggle is the first major release of a paintball goggle system since the famous JT Proflex that allows players to fully customize the colour of their mask. With the Virtue VIO, gone are the days where you have to wear a mask which throws off your colour scheme. Simply order your VIO Goggle, and choose the colour facemask you want and you are done!

What is so different about the VIO? Not only are you able to customize the colour options on your VIO to a greater degree than any other mask currently available, but it also comes with a host of features that players expect in a high end mask. Major features include:

Quick Change Thermal Lens – The new Hinge Lock lens locking system from Virtue allows you to change your lens in seconds. With this new easy-to-use system, you can easily change out your lens in between points and reduce the time spent off the field.

Lens Options – The Virtue VIO has three types of lenses. Basic Clear or Smoke Lenses, High Contrast Lenses and Chromatic Lenses. Each gives you a unique look to your mask and allows you to have peak visual clarity for virtually all scenarios.

High Density Soft Foam Ears – Paintball masks can often reduce your ability to hear. With the Virtue VIO High Density Soft Foam Ears, sound can pass through with ease giving you the edge on the field. By using high density foam, your ears also stay protected from paintball impacts, the perfect win-win situation!

Superior Ventilation – Using curves and well placed ventilation slots, airflow through the Virtue VIO virtually unimpeded. The Virtue VIO is perfect for players who communicate on the field as well. Using a streamlined design, your voice escapes the mask with minimal echo and vibrations, giving you a further edge on the field.
Customization – As we have mentioned in this Blog post before, the Virtue VIO’s main feature is the ability to customize your mask. With 12 base goggles, 9 lens options and 30 different facemasks available, the possibilities are almost endless.

What is the Badlands Expert Opinion on the new Virtue VIO Paintball Goggle? We give it a definite buy! The VIO is an extremely comfortable and well ventilated mask that sits comfortably on your face. With the addition of the High Density Soft Foam Ears, you can easily hear what your teammates are yelling on the field. Our tests have found that the wearer's voice is minimally impacted, and even at regular talking levels, people around you can hear you clearly. When yelling on the paintball field, your voice will escape clearly from the smooth rounded VIO facemask, and travel to the ears of your teammates. Even though the VIO is well ventilated and easy to hear from, it does not sacrifice protection, and comfortably fits those players with larger head sizes. Couple these great benefits with the huge amount of customization, and you truly have a paintball mask that is suitable for any and all players.  

How do you order this stellar mask? Head over to our Virtue VIO Paintball Goggle Page and select the colour mask you want. Want to stand out from the crowd? Add some colour to your mask by selecting an optional Facemask and Lens from the dropdown menus. To find out more about the Virtue VIO, or order your own click here.

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