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Tippmann A5 M249 SAW^
Tippmann A5 M249 SAW

Tippmann A5 M249 SAW^

Part Number:42KWS101
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We no longer stock this item / Item has been discontinued
Bring the heat with the Tippman A5 M249 SAW! This beast of a paintball gun brings with it everything you need to be the heavy gunner in your squad. With a Tippmann A5 on the inside, you know you are getting a rugged paintball gun that can keep up under pressure.

Loaded with picatinny rails, the Tippmann A5 M249 SAW is ready to accept all of your favourite attachments. Included you receive all the amenities a heavy gunner will need, including an ACOG scope to help you sight in enemies, and a Bi-Pod to help you stay stable when prone or resting behind cover.

The Tippmann A5 M249 SAW comes with the following;

Standard Tippmann A5
Saw Shroud
M249 A5 SAW Stock
LMG Carry Handle
20" Killhouse A5 Tactical Barrel
ACOG Red/Green Sight
Universal Bi-Pod
RAP4 M249 SAW Magazine

All of this comes in one awesome package.

Note: Basic assembly required. Fits on New Style Tippmann A5.

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