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TechT A5 Fang Trigger - Black
TechT A5 Fang Trigger - Black

TechT A5 Fang Trigger - Black

Part Number:04TECA5FANG
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Since 2006 TECHT has been producing the best Tippmann Triggers available. The Fang Trigger for the A5 will allow A5 owners with any trigger frame or set-up to fine tune their trigger pull to perfection. This trigger works great with standard mechanical trigger frames, Response Triggers, and the E-Trigger.

So what makes Our A5 Fang Series Trigger So Special?

1. We constructed the Fang Trigger from 100% Aircraft Grade Aluminum - Not Plastic, like all of your other options!

2. The Fang Trigger utilizes Dual-Roller Bearings and Multi-Point Micro Adjustments to make it the smoothest, fastest, and most adjustable trigger available.

3. Our new Flexi-Double Trigger Guard is virtually unbreakable and provides plenty of room for your fingers.

4. Also includes three variable strength springs for even more adjustability.
  • Dual Roller Bearings
  • Multiple Trigger Stops
  • Micro Switch Activation Adjustment
  • Trigger Pre-load Adjustment
  • Response / RT Trigger Adjustments
  • TechT's Custom Flexi-Double Trigger Guard

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