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STR Stock Black^
STR Stock Black

STR Stock Black^

Part Number:04KWS402
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The STR (Storage/Type Restricted) Stock is the perfect replacement stock for your M4 style CAR Stock. The STR Stock fits on most existing adjustable stock inserts. Not only is the STR stock quick and easy to install, but it also features two battery storage compartments capable of holding up to 2 AA batteries each. Combine that with the rubber shoulder brace to stop your stock from slipping when you fire and a sloping cheek mount for comfort and you have the perfect stable, lightweight stock.

  • Adjustable on most stock inserts
  • Two battery compartments
  • Rubber shoulder brace for enhanced grip
  • Dual sling loops
  • Shielded operation lever
Note: This stock does NOT come with an insert. You must use an existing insert from another adjustable stock or, for the case of Tippmann A5 owners, the All Metal Stock Insert for the Tippmann A5. Will not fit on the stock insert that comes with the Tippman Sierra.

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