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Smart Parts Freak Insert .689 Stainless Steel^
Smart Parts Freak Insert .689 Stainless Steel

Smart Parts Freak Insert .689 Stainless Steel^

Part Number:15STPBFI689SS
On sale$12.99
We no longer stock this item / Item has been discontinued
The Freak is a versatile barrel system that allows you to customize your barrel to suit your needs. It is composed of 3 parts: the back, the front and the insert. The fronts come in two styles: the Freak and the All American. The most versatile aspect of the Freak is the choice of barrel insert: from .679 to .695. Change your insert to fit the paint you are shooting that day to maximize your marker's performance. Best of all, if you have more than one marker, simply buy another Freak back so your fronts and inserts can be used for all your markers.

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