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SL14 Mid Cap Speed Loader
SL14 Mid Cap Speed Loader

SL14 Mid Cap Speed Loader

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The SL14 Speed Loader sets a new standard when it comes to loading your mid capacity or low capacity magazines. Unlike most speed loaders available which only offer a 100 to 500 round capacity, the SL14 speed loader has a massive 1800 round capacity. The quick pump action design enables a user to load up to 40rds per pump compared to the usual 4 or 7 rounds in most speed loaders. The SL14 speed loader redefines the meaning of speed on the battlefield.

  • 1800 round capacity
  • Pump action design
  • Accepts standard M4/M16 style magazines
  • Fits easily into shot gun scabbards
  • Loads up to 40 rounds per pump

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