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R7 Replay XD1080 Video Camera System^
R7 Replay XD1080 Video Camera System

R7 Replay XD1080 Video Camera System^

Part Number:12R7IRXP1080-CS-R7
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The Replay XD1080 camera can be mounted practically anywhere due to its small size and shape. By combining the universal R7 paintball mount with the RePlay XD's fully capable HD camera, this dynamic duo have truly produced the absolute best way to shoot paintball action videos in Tournaments, Big Games, Scenario Games, Team Practices and Rec. Ball play.

Small & Simple
That's what the Replay XD1080 is all about. Starting with the small design of the Replay XD and a clean sheet of paper, we managed to put full HD into a small package.

Featuring a water-resistant, hard-anodized, rugged aluminum housing for your extreme adventures. The Replay XD1080 is the smallest and lightest full HD action-camera on the market.

Simple, two-button ON/OFF and Start/Stop make the Replay XD1080 camera easy to operate. Simply turn it ON and Press Record to Start. The built-in LED & Vibration Feedback tell you that you're ready to go.

It's That Simple!

Finely Tuned Optics

Replay XD1080 features class leading optics. Never before has an action-camera featured such a high quality lens. With its custom designed wide angle 135, f3.1 lens, and anti-glare coating, this lens is finely-tuned to match the 5MP CMOS sensor for better clarity, accurate color, and minimal image distortion.

Audio Times Two

Internal Audio:
Along with everything else, we spend a lot of time obsessing over audio. We've accumulated thousands of hours developing, engineering, and testing the right combination of acoustic materials and microphones to suppress wind noise yet still capture realistic audio.

External Audio*
For the extra critical audio situation we have built in an External Audio option to connect high quality Lav Mics, Ext. Audio sources, or other In-car Radio Communication through a standard 3.5mm Mini-jack adapter.

*External Audio Line-In available via Replay XD1080 HW Adapter. Available Soon.
Many Modes. Easy to Use.
1080P@30fps, 960P@30fps, 720P@60fps, 720@30fps, Photo@1, 5, 10 & 15 sec, Internal Audio, External Audio, Rec, Stop, Play, Skip Forward, Skip Reverse, Clip File, Live Video Out. Wow.

That's a lot of modes. Don't worry we made it easy.

Set the Mode once and it sticks. There's no need to count button presses or reset your settings each time you use the Replay XD1080.

If you forgot what mode you were in or what they mean, just look inside the rear cover for a simple reminder.


Replay XD1080 features a high-strength aerospace aluminum body - Mil-Spec hard-anodized for extreme durability to withstand the inherent demands of video-actionography.

Weather-resistance is a must when dealing with action-cameras, so Replay XD1080 features a double o-ring sealed lens bezel, rear cap, and top push buttons to keep out those harsh elements.

YES! This will withstand any paintball impact!

  • Patent Pending R7 RePlay mount. Your paintball gun must have the classic ring style feed neck, or the new band style like on the Tippmann Crossover, or any new style Dye marker.
  • Variety of included mounts so that you can mount the R7 RePlay on your goggles.
  • HeimLock Mount (Swivel/Tilt). This mount features spherical adjustment with an eccentric cam-lock for a rock-solid mount, which allows for over one million mounting positions, with 360 degree lens rotation, 360 degree camera rotation, and 8 degrees of tilt, not including the unlimited areas you can mount 1 of 4 included SanpTray VHB bases.
  • LowBoy Mount (Fixed): The lowest profile mount, offers 360 degree lens rotation. Designed to be low and out of the way. Compatible with our SnapTray VHB bases.
  • 4 Curved and flat surface SnapTray VHB bases.
  • HDMI cable.
  • USB cable.
  • Wall charger.
  • Car charger.
  • 4GB Card and Reader.
  • Carrying case.
  • Microfiber draw-string pouch.
  • RePlay stickers.
  • Instructions.

VIDEO - R7 Replay XD 1080 Mini

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