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Planet Eclipse GEO3.1

The Planet Eclipse Geo 3.1 epitomizes everything that is great about a spool valve single tube paintball marker. The Geo 3.1 is smooth, quiet and consistent thanks to the latest technologies developed by Planet Eclipse engineers. A fully adjustable solenoid takes the performance of the Geo 3.1 to the next level by allowing you to select either a slow bolt speed for a soft quiet shot or an increased bolt speed for an incredible rate of fire. A users customization coninues with a fully programmable electronics board along with a fully adjustable trigger. With the Geo 3.1 you can choose between a magnetic or leaf spring trigger as well as micro switch or optical trigger sensors. If this wasn't enough the Geo 3.1 features the all new AT Pipe System and contoured rubber grips to make the marker look and feel as great as it shoots. That the Planet Eclipse Geo 3.1 also offers exceptional efficiency, the trademark Planet Eclipse virtues of bulletproof reliability and ease of maintenance makes it a simply unbeatable package.