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Planet Eclipse ETek4 LT Paintball Gun Black^
Planet Eclipse ETek4 LT Paintball Gun Black

Planet Eclipse ETek4 LT Paintball Gun Black^

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The following features can be found on BOTH Etek4 LT and Etek4 AM models:


NEW One-Piece Body – NEW 3D machining with sleek lines. The Body has an integrated male FRM the same as Ego11 and Geo2 to accept the SL3 Regulator


NEW SL3 Regulator - Internally and performance-wise, the exact same regulator that can be found on the Ego11, CSL and Geo2.1. It allows the Etek4 to run with HP, MP or LP tanks without the need to alter settings and inline regulator adjustments. It has a replaceable and reversible main seal as well as self-purging feature to leave the firing chamber de-gassed after tank removal.


NEW Angled Inline Reg Swivel - Similar to those seen on the Geo2.1 and Ego11, the Etek4 now includes its own angled reg swivel.


NEW 2012 OOPS - The NEW OOPS combines a low profile, ultra-easy on/off/purge function and front-mounted hose exit. As with all Eclipse markers since 2007 the Etek4 utilizes the T-Slot Rail. The Etek4 will also accept a POPS ASA.


NEW Zick2 Rammer Kit - The incredibly successful Zick2 kit is now to be found as standard on the Etek4. The Etek4 kit utilizes a unique rammer cap to work with the Etek4 rammer housing.


NEW Shaft4 Etek Barrel - Like the full-fat Shaft4 barrel, the Etek4 barrel utilizes a 2-piece, reverse threaded construction with a longer rear control bore for increased efficiency and consistency. The barrel is internally finished identically to the Geo and Ego Shaft4 barrel but features simplified external machining. The rear bore is honed to 0.693”diameter and both front and backs are compatible with Shaft4 Boost Kits and Tips.


Deftek Feed – Offset Feed. The feed is offset to one side by a small amount. This            prevents the balls that tumble into the breach from bouncing excessively and causing breaks and chops..


Cure Bolt – Again carried over from the Ego range, the Etek4 now has a Cure bolt as standard, as well as a body-contoured cut at the rear so the bolt blends seamlessly into the marker body. The Cure bolt helps the Etek4 to shoot the most fragile of tournament grade paints without worry of breaks due to the bolt clipping paintballs in the feed stack. The Etek4 will accept Cure3+ and Cure4 upgrade bolts.


Direct Mounted Solenoid - The Etek4 Minifold mounts the ever-faithful SMC solenoid directly to the marker body, directly adjacent to the rammer. There is just a single hose taking the LP air from the LPR to the Minifold where it is filtered for added protection against debris.


Adjustable LPR – With the same LPR found on the Ego11 and CSL, the Etek4 offers precise control of LPR pressure, without the risk of accidental over-pressurization of the solenoid or rammer.


Fully Adjustable Trigger – The Trigger rides in a self-lubricating trigger holder that clips neatly into the frame. This, combined with the magnetic trigger return mechanism, creates a smooth, positive trigger feel. It is adjustable for fore and aft stop as well as magnetic return strength.


Break Beam Sensor System – Using the same components and software as the Ego BBSS system, the Etek4 ensures that the marker excels at preventing chopped balls in the breech. When enabled, the Etek4 will only fire once a ball has loaded into the breech. If the BBSS system sees any kind of fault, the software automatically overrides the system and the marker continues to fire at a greatly reduced rate.


LED Board - 3 tru-color LED indicators. These 3 clever LEDs allow easy programming of all the user definable parameters by greatly simplifying the programming process. The top LED indicates 10s of units, the middle displays 1s and the bottom shows 0.1 increments.


Programmable Firing Modes – Etek4 has user-definable settings for Dwell, Ball-in-            Place, Eyes-Off ROF, Capped ROF (un-capped in Semi 1), De-bounce, and Firing Mode. As standard the Etek4 has the capability to be set to cover every tourney regulation.


Soft Grips – The Etek4 grips follow the same design as the Geo and Ego grips. Comfortable, slim, grippy and soft.


The Etek4 LT utilizes glass-reinforced impact resistant composite parts for the frame, eye cover, feedtube and OOPS knob. All other materials are the same high grade alloys found in the Geo and Ego range of markers.


The Etek4 AM is of an All Metal construction that replaces all of the above composite parts with machined alloy parts.


Etek4 – LT

Weight – 974g/2.14lb Including 14” Etek4 Shaft4 Barrel, Battery, Feed Tube, OOPS

Length – 537mm Including 14”Etek4 Shaft4 Barrel

Height – 227mm

Width – 28.5mm



Etek4 – AM

Weight – 1009g/2.22lb Including 14” Etek4 Shaft4 Barrel, Battery, Feed Tube, OOPS

Length – 537mm Including 14”Etek4 Shaft4 Barrel

Height – 222mm

Width – 28.5mm

Planet Eclipse Canadian Warranty Information

Make sure you look for the Green Canada / Eclipse Hologram sticker on the box!

Why? The extensive Planet Eclipse Dealer and Service Centre network within Canada will only deal with warranty issues on Planet Eclipse markers that have been bought through stores and dealers in Canada. The Hologram sticker is your proof that the marker has not been grey market imported. Check the box before you buy - protect yourself and your warranty.

All Planet Eclipse paintball guns sold at bear the Green Canada / Eclipse Hologram sticker on the box.

Badlands Paintball is the Official Canadian Warranty Centre for Planet Eclipse.

*This item may not be shipped outside of Canada.

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