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Planet Eclipse ETek3 LT Paintball Gun Forest^
Planet Eclipse ETek3 LT Forest

Planet Eclipse ETek3 LT Paintball Gun Forest^

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The Etek has always stood for reliability, performance and value for money. It has always carried the same core values as every other Eclipse marker of exceptional quality, robust and reliable design, simple maintenance and ease of use. The Etek3 is no different. By combining many features and parts found and used within the Ego range, but in a pared-down design, it allows the Etek3 to perform at similar levels, but at a price-point that makes it obtainable by the more cost-conscious player. A true Marker for the Masses.
The Etek3 will be available in 2 different models: Etek3 LT and Etek3 AM
Etek3 LT
This is the base model and will feature, for the very first time on an Eclipse marker, Composite parts. The composite parts in question are manufactured from Glass Reinforced Nylon. A very durable material that is both tough and rigid. The GRN parts found on the Etek3 LT will be the Frame, the Eye Covers and the Lever-Locking Clamping Feedtube assembly. All other parts of the Etek3 LT are manufactured from exactly the same materials and finishes you will find on the Ego10 and SL range. High grade aluminiums and stainless steels, deep cosmetic and industrial hard anodizing. No corners are cut in the manufacture of the Etek3.

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