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Paintball Protective Gear

Paintball is fast-paced and sometimes you have to throw yourself to the ground quickly to avoid a hail of paintballs. Why worry about bumps, bruises, and nasty scrapes on your elbows, knees and hips? Those kind of injuries can take the game out of you, or even take you out of the game. Whether you are sliding into the snake on a tournament field, or diving for cover behind a tree in the woods, you will play more confidently if you are properly protected. Paintball padding and protective gear is specially designed for the sport of paintball, so it fits snuggly, breathes well, and provides tons of protection.
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Gen-X Chest Protector
Gen-X Neck Guard
Planet Eclipse Overload Neck Protector
Gen-X Neck Guard Camo
Empire Battle Tested THT Folding Chest Protector
Planet Eclipse Overload Knee Pads Gen2 Black
Planet Eclipse Overload Compression Gen2
Planet Eclipse Overload Jersey Gen 2
Kingman Training Neck Protector Black
Dye Performance Elbow Pads Black
Dye Performance Knee Pads Black
Planet Eclipse Overload Slide Shorts Gen2
Exalt Thrasher Slide Shorts
Exalt Thrasher Elbow Pads
Tippmann Padded Chest Protector
Tippmann Molded Chest Protector
Tippmann Neck Protector
DYE Perform Top Black
Planet Eclipse Overload HD Core Knee Pads
Planet Eclipse Overload HD Core Elbow Pads
JT Chest Protector
GI Sportz SLID'R Knee Pads
GI Sportz SLID'R Elbow Pads
HK Army Hardline Arm Pads Blue
HK Army Hardline Knee Pads Blue
Planet Eclipse Overload HD Core Elbow Pads HDE
Knee and Elbow Pad Set by Killhouse Weapons Systems
Empire NeoSkin F6 Chest Protector
Empire NeoSkin F6 Slide Shorts
Empire NeoSkin F6 Slide Shorts with Knee Pad
Empire NeoSkin F6 Knee Pads
Empire NeoSkin F6 Elbow Pads
Empire Grind Slide Shorts THT Black
Empire Grind Knee and Shin Pad THT Black
Dye Perform Slide Shorts