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Paintball Chest Protectors

Paintballs can sting, and maybe you do not want to deal with the bumps and bruises that can come from getting hit with a paintball. Referees and cameramen are especially exposed on the field, and those stray shots can really take your attention away from the job at hand. Our wide selection of chest protectors are designed to fit under your clothes, and provide an added layer of protection from the sting of paintballs. And, even though they are called chest protectors, they protect your back as well. Perfect for men, women, and kids, a chest protector can give you the confidence to go out there and play hard.
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Tippmann Padded Chest Protector
Empire Battle Tested THT Folding Chest Protector
Gen-X Chest Protector
Tippmann Molded Chest Protector
Empire Battle Tested Chest Protector TW Olive
Planet Eclipse Overload Compression Gen2
Planet Eclipse Overload Jersey Gen 2
DYE Perform Top Black