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Ninja 4500 Pro Series Regulator SLP 300 psi^
Ninja 4500 Pro Regulator SLP 300 psi

Ninja 4500 Pro Series Regulator SLP 300 psi^

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The Ninja Pro SLP Regulator differs from Ninja's regular regulators by having new features and outputs at a pressure of 300 psi. The new features on this Ninja Pro SLP Regulator is the ability to swivel it's position while on the marker so you can position the fill nipple exactly where you want it to be, this allows players to comfortably holster their markers without worrying about the fill nipple digging into their wrists. The GENII SRT Piston in the Ninja Pro SLP Regulator allows for faster and consistent output, this means that this regulator will keep up to your rate of fire at the same output pressure that will help increase your accuracy and prevent the marker starving for air. The new Micro fill gauge keeps your tank more compact then the usual large gauge but it is still easy to read how much air you have left in your tank. The output of 300 psi is meant for specific markers such as the Bob Long G6R or Bob Long Victory, these markers operate around the 200 psi level and be efficiently use this regulator. Other markers may be able to use the SLP but consult your manual to see what pressure your marker operates on before purchasing this upgrade. Pick up this SLP regulator to get the best air efficiency and consistent performance out of your gun!


  • Super Low Pressure (SLP) Pro Regulator from Ninja Paintball 
  • Output pressure is 300 psi that allows low operating markers to achieve a higher rate of air efficiency to get more shots per tank
  • Swivel Bonnet allows the fill nipple on the regulator to be positioned where you want it and not digging into your wrist
  • Micro Fill Valve keeps the fill nipple small, compact and out of the way
  • Mini Gauage lets users see how much air they have left in their tank while help making the tank compact
  • GEN2 SRT Piston achieves higher rates of consistent flow and pressure to help keep accuracy as high as possible
  • Some markers are not compatible with this regulator, consult manual before purchasing this product to see what your marker operates on
  • Only for 4500 psi rated tanks

Pro System Features:

  • New Ninja Pro Regulator
  • Swivel Rotating bonnet allows to position the tank fill nipple and gauge exactly where you want it to prevent wrist digging when holding your gun
  • New faster response regulator piston gives more consistent out pressure which increases your accuracy
  • SLP Output 300psi 
  • Adjust output pressure to what your gun operates at for better air efficiency 
  • Micro Fill Valve Assembly makes the fill nipple smaller and out of the way when you play
  • Micro gauge makes the regulator much more smaller making the tank more compact but still able to accurately read how much air you have left in your tank
Note: Regulators should only be installed by qualified technicians.

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