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M203 Paintball Grenade .43 Caliber^
M203 Paintball Grenade .43 Caliber

M203 Paintball Grenade .43 Caliber^

Part Number:04KWS711
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Unleash a flurry of paintballs on your opponent with the M203 Paintball Grenade .43 Caliber. The M203 Paintball Grenade .43 Caliber fits up to 20 .43 caliber paintballs securely, and once loaded into the M203 grenade launcher, can fire all 20 paintballs simultaneously. The M203 Paintball Grenade .43 Caliber fits perfectly in the Paintball and Airsoft Grenade Launchers we carry.

Quick and easy to use, the M203 Paintball Grenade .43 Caliber uses Green Gas to charge the cartridge. Simple fill for 2-3 seconds using Green Gas, load your ammunition and fire away!

Note: When pressurized these grenades are equivalent to a paintball or airsoft gun. Do not fill or operate without your paintball mask on. Do not point at anyone without proper safety gear. Point the grenade away from your face and body while filling and loading.

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