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LAPCO Tiberius T8 and T9 Str8Shot Barrel 9 inch^
LAPCO Tiberius T8 and T9 Str8Shot Barrel 9 inch

LAPCO Tiberius T8 and T9 Str8Shot Barrel 9 inch^

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This barrel will not fit the T8.1/T9.1 paintball guns.

The LAPCO one piece Tiberius Str8Shot™ is ideal for players looking for superior performance while attaining the ideal MilSim appearance.  This amazing barrel allows players to get the superior accuracy and gas efficiency of the BigShot™ barrel, while emulating the look of their favorite real firearm.

The Str8Shot™ barrel is ideal blend of superior performance and the ideal MilSim appearance.  The threaded muzzle end (7/8 – 20 threads) allows the player to change easily between looks and functionality.  The barrel comes with a Birdcage muzzle break, similar to those found on the U.S. military M4/M16 battle rifles.  7 other muzzle breaks are available to use with the Str8Shot™ barrels.  All muzzle breaks are interchangeable with the BigShot Assault.

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