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Invert Mini Blue^
Invert Mini Blue

Invert Mini Blue^

Part Number:01NTL07INVMINIU
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We no longer stock this item / Item has been discontinued

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This Color has been discontinued by the manufacturer. It is still available at some Badlands locations, but no longer available for purchase online.
Invert™ Mini™
The think-tank at Invert paintball has incorporated unique, patented valve and flow technology designs into this high performance tournament-grade marker. The single tube poppet system is not only innovative, but it delivers on a promise of incredible velocity, consistency and accuracy. The Invert™ MINI™ is small, but ergonomically designed to fit right and exceed your expectations. There are NO HOSES or barbs anywhere in this gun and circuit boards have eliminated almost every wire in the Invert™ MINI™.
• 1.99 lbs (0.9 kilo) including barrel, bottomline regulator, and 9 volt battery
• Rate-of-fire is as fast as you can feed it!
• Outstanding velocity consistency
• Integrated break-beam anti-chop eyes
• Multiple adjustable firing modes
• Clamping feed-neck
• “Cocker” threaded barrel
• Lifetime limited warranty from manufacturer

VIDEO - How to adjust an Empire/Invert Mini Trigger

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