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INKA Bioball Paintballs - Plague - Red Fill^
INKA Bioball Paintballs - Plague - Red Fill

INKA Bioball Paintballs - Plague - Red Fill^

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Humans. There are just too many of them. Rid the world of all living flesh with INKA Plague paintballs. Guaranteed to spread the zombie plague quickly and effectively on contact*, INKA Plague paintballs leave nowhere for humans to hide! Get yours today!

INKA Plague features a two-tone, virgin shell, printed with the biohazard symbol. Red Fill.

INKA BIOBALL - Made in Canada, BIOBALL features the same OIL-FREE ECOFILL™ formula developed in Canada by Procaps. Suitable for all markers, this robust, all-purpose ball, will also feed reliably through the Tippmann Cyclone Feed.

**WARNING** While we take every step possible to package all paintballs that we ship with the utmost care, so that they will arrive intact, some breakage may occur during transit. This is simply beyond our control, and any and all claims must be made against the carrier for any broken paintballs received in any shipment containing paintballs.

*Guarantee only valid if used by zombies.

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