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Guns Stolen from Badlands Toronto

Posted by Administrator on 9/19/2013 to Paintball and Airsoft News
On the night of Tuesday September 17th, 2013, 3 individuals wearing masks and gloves broke into the Badlands paintball store at 35 Stoffel Drive in Etobicoke (Toronto) and made off with some paintball and airsoft guns.
We are offering a $1000.00 reward to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest, and successful conviction of these criminals.
If you have any information, please contact the Toronto Police Department at (416) 808-2200 Case# 5216477, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, or email us:
Please keep your eyes open for anyone trying to sell "new" guns without boxes, and likely some damage. The guns were snatched, and not handled well, and will likely have broken parts or scratches. Parts may be missing.
Please find a list of the guns that were stolen with serial numbers below:
Eclipse ETEK 4 LT Black S/N - 11080-41654
Eclipse ETEK 4 LT Red/Black S/N - 11080-42372
Eclipse ETEK 4 LT HDE Forest S/N - 11080-34483
Eclipse ETEK 4 LT Blue/Black S/N - 11080-40245
Eclipse ETHA Black S/N - 90230-19788
Eclipse ETHA Black S/N - 90230-19558
Eclipse ETHA Green/Black S/N - 90230-27229
Eclipse ETHA Red/Black S/N - 90230-22730
Eclipse EGO LV1 Midnight S/N - 11140-81917
Eclipse EGO LV1 Spekta2 S/N - 11140-83234
Empire Mini Dust Black with Polished Black S/N - PDS078477
Empire Mini SE Purple/Dust Silver S/N - DBP080665
Empire TM15 Black S/N - TM1510435
TPN Tango One S/N - 0070722
Tippmann X7 Phenom Mechanical S/N - 0049186
Tippmann 7 Phenom Assault S/N - 0052284
DYE DAM Black S/N - G01431051
Proto Rail Lime DST S/N - 9014310155
Proto Rail Red DST S/N - 9074210087 - Recovered
Proto Rail Olive DST S/N - 9084210058
Proto Rail Purple DST S/N - 9014310476
Paintball guns without serial numbers:
Empire BT Delta Elite
Empire BT4 Combat Slice G36 Elite
Empire BT Delta
Empire BT Omega
Empire BT4 Combat Slice G36
Stolen Airsoft guns:
STI Duty One
G+G Extreme 45
G+G G1911 Co2 Ver
G+G G731 Black
G+G UMG Combo
G+G RK 103 EVO Combo
G+G L85A2 Combo
G+G RK 103 Combo
G+G CM RK47 Imitation Wood Combo
G+G CM16 Raider Combo
G+G CM16 Carbine Combo
G+G GR16 CQW Rush Plastic Blow Back
G+G TR16 R4 Commando Combo
G+G GR4 G26 Plastic Blow Back Combo
G+G TR4 CQB-H Combo
G+G T4-18 Light Combo
G+G TR16 Carbine Light Combo
G+G T4-18 Combo
G+G TR16 Carbine Combo
U.S. Ordnance M60E4/MK43 AEG Airsoft Machine Gun


Date 1/10/2015
Max Soop
my god that's a lot of guns stolen I live in Canada but I will try to help
Date 1/10/2015
Max Soop
ops just saw Toronto but I will still try to help
Date 1/12/2015
Thanks! Keep your eye out for any suspicious gun sales and always check on our list of stolen gun serial numbers before buying a used gun.

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