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Gridfighters Event 2, X Sports July 20/21, 2013

Posted by Matt Gregersen, Badlands inc. on 7/31/2013 to Tournaments and Big Games

July 20th marked the first day of the X Sports in Gananoque, Ontario, Canada hosting the second event of the Gridfighters tournament series sponsored by Badlands Paintball, Planet Eclipse, Inka Paintball, Guardian, and Ground Zero Paintball. The event is unique to the other Gridfighters events, as the X Sports collects various high intensity sports and brings them together into one adrenaline packed weekend. Alongside the Gridfighters format, we saw BMX racing, and skateboarding competitions that attracted athletes from all over the world. This is a perfect venue for the Gridfighters series, which is being called the most intense, adrenaline packed format Paintball has ever seen. This event also introduced the Guardian branded Ref shields, by Ground Zero Paintball! Every ref was certainly thankful to have this added protection, which made for some of the most consistent reffing we've seen in a tournament series yet!

The first day of Gridfighters we saw the Entry level divisions compete in two brackets. The first bracket went quickly as teams adapted to the Planet Eclipse field very quickly. After some hard fought battles, Waterloo Outbreak, a Badlands Paintball sponsored team, came out on top with the victory, with honourable mention of Badlands and Planet Eclipse sponsored team Toronto Hectic for taking 3rd. In the afternoon, the 2nd bracket took off with returning entry level teams such as Off Constantly, and Schools Out.  The teams benefited from watching the 1st bracket teams on the Planet Eclipse field, making quick and easy games for all teams. In the end Team Infidels came out on top, walking away with the $1000.00 first prize, as well as Badlands sponsored team Waterloo Outbreak.

The second day of action we saw the Semi-Pro division kick off in the morning, to be followed by the Pro division in the afternoon. Again, we saw a dominant Cairnsville BST, and aggressive Terrebonne TNT take big leads on their opponents, shooting Inka Custom Gridfighters edition paintballs all weekend. Badlands Paintball sponsored team Barriefield Brawlers once again proved dominant, shooting Planet Eclipse markers, and Inka paintballs.

The Pro division took off in the afternoon for the best paintball we’ve seen this season. Team’s exploded out of the start gate to quickly gain ground, and show why they’re listed in the Pro division. Returning Champions Montreal FX again proving their muscle with aggressive, athletic play remained undefeated all day. Team’s Brantford Stealth and Badlands sponsored team Kingston Red Dragons went on for some great games, and ultimately securing top 3 spots in the rankings.

The Pro division teams are competing for a Planet Eclipse sponsorship, which includes 10 custom Gridfighter edition Planet Eclipse LV1 markers, provided by Planet Eclipse in association with Badlands Paintball. All brackets shot the INKA custom – Gridfighters edition paint all weekend without flaw.

See you at Event 3, at the Gananoque Rec Centre, August 10th and 11th!

Matt Gregersen

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