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The Grid Fighters League

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The Grid Fighters League

Presented by Planet Eclipse, and INKA Paintball

“This is the most exciting format I've seen for years. I can't wait to catch some games”

 Ian 'Jacko' Parsons - Planet Eclipse

“Move-over, here come the Grid-Fighters!”

Owen Ronayne - Badlands Inc.

“This is the format Canadian tournament players have been waiting for!”

Marc Beaudin - GZ Paintball/Femmes Fatales/Montreal FX/Intent/Kingston Criminal Factory.

The GFL returns for another high-impact, adrenaline filled season for 2013 

We at Badlands Inc. have searched high and low for a viable, enjoyable and affordable format in Canada, which could enhance the experience and value of competitive ball for Canadian players. After 3 years of searching, we have now found what we're looking for, and we are very proud to introduce the first season of the Grid Fighters League (GFL), presented by Planet Eclipse and INKA Paintball.

Get on the Grid!

The GFL is a 'zero-politics' league, with the goal of increasing the exposure of the sport to the general public.

The GFL is a non-franchise league. You won't play the GFL because you have to. You'll play it because you love it!

The GFL includes 3 Centralized events, including the Professional, Semi-Pro, Entry, and Young Gun divisions. For a full season schedule, visit

The GFL Professional Division Series winners will receive custom-engraved Eclipse GFL EGOLV1 Markers as trophies. Open Division winners will also become Canada's Flagship Eclipse team for 2013.

The GFL Entry Division Series winners will receive a Guardian HPA tank sponsorship.


Need help with Paint?

The Major Sponsors of the GFL are committed to supporting participating teams, and have made the following offers of support:

  1. Teams exclusively shooting Eclipse markers at the event will receive a $5/case discount on INKA Paintballs ordered from the GFL.
  2. Teams representing fields that also choose INKA Paintballs, will receive a $5/case discount on INKA Paintballs ordered from the GFL.



For more information on the GFL, please visit or email a league representative at

For information on Eclipse Products in Canada, please visit:
For more information on INKA Paintballs, please visit: