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Exalt Thrasher Slide Shorts
Exalt Thrasher Slide Shorts

Exalt Thrasher Slide Shorts

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The Exalt Thrasher Slide Shorts give you the protection you need whether you are new to the sport or you need something that can withstand a professional level of play. Exalt Thrasher Slide Shorts give you the protection you need while being durable, lightweight and ultra comfortable.

  • Moisture wicking breathable material keep you dry and comfortable.
  • Tri-level padding softens impacts and may give you a few "lucky" bounces.
  • Compression fit design prevents lactic acid build up, increasing your endurance.
  • Silicone printed waist band keeps these in place while sliding.
  • Articulating hip profile design allows full protection when hip sliding while not restricting movement when running.
Waist Measurement
S = 25-30inches
M = 28-33inches
L  = 31-36 inches
XL = 34-39 inches

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