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Exalt Grip Skins Axe/Mini
Exalt Grip Skins Axe/Mini

Exalt Grip Skins Axe/Mini

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Exalt Grip Skins Axe/Mini

Get a better grip and improve your accuracy even when the environment is fighting against you! When your marker is wet, muddy or covered in paint you can count on a secure grip with the Exalt Grip Skins for the Axe and Mini. The Exalt Grip Skins are easy to install using a non-staining adhesive backing that will secure to the Axe or Mini front grip. The textured rubber material allows for incredible grip while staying soft on your hands. Each Exalt Grip Skin pack includes two Grip Skin sides as well as a front Grip Skin for your marker.

  • Each Grip Skin pack includes 2 Grip Skin sides and 1 front
  • Non-staining adhesive backing secures to the Axe or Mini front grip
  • Rubber grip material gives grip while being soft on your hand
  • Better grip resulting in better accuracy.
  • Designed to provide grip even when wet, muddy or oily from paint

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