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Empire Halo V35 w/ Rip Drive - Black^
Empire Halo V35 w/ Rip Drive - Black

Empire Halo V35 w/ Rip Drive - Black^

Part Number:11KEE38577
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The Halo V35 with Rip Drive is a great upgrade over the Halo B series of hoppers. Using an upgraded S4 spring driven cone, the V35 is capable of feeding up to 35 balls per second. With 6 different programmable speeds, as well as a low battery indicator and jam indicator, you know exactly what is going on inside of your hopper. Instead of using sound activated technology, the Halo V35 uses an infrared eye sensor that monitors the acceleration and deceleration of the ball stack to ensure your drive spring is wound. This means that the faster you fire, the faster your V35 loads!

Included with the V35 is the Rip Drive. This is the perfect system to easily back out your motor if you have a jam, or force it forward if you have a break in your hopper. The Rip Drive also can come in handy if your hoppers battery dies on the field. Simply spin your Rip Drive to keep you V35 loading!

  • True Force Feed Technology
  • 35+ Balls per second
  • Rip Drive to advance balls and clear jams
  • Ultra Quiet Belt Drive
  • Freeway Anti-Jam
  • Spring Loaded S4 cone continually loads balls
  • 6 speed programmable computer
  • Infrared Eye sensor technology
  • Strong polycarbonate shell with magnetic lid
  • Reinforced feed neck design
  • Holds 180 rounds
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • 20 000 Shots before changing battery

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