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Empire Delta Elite Upgrade Kit with Apex
BT Delta Elite Upgrade Kit

Empire Delta Elite Upgrade Kit with Apex

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Upgrade your Game!  Take your BT-4 and give it an authentic military look with the Delta and Delta Elite Upgrade Kits from BT Paintball.  The Delta Upgrade kit will take your marker from a stock BT-4 and transform it into a complete BT Delta HK marker, with its authentic submachine gun styling.  You can also convert your BT-4 to look like the BT Delta Elite, including the unique Apex® barrel.  Add the Rip Clip® and E-Grip and youll complete the Delta Elite package.  The Kits contain barrels with shrouds, stocks, magazines, top shrouds and new clamp elbows.  Begin with a standard BT-4 or any of its variants and modify it into the submachine gun used by Special Forces around the world.  Attain the look of real military hardware with the Delta and Delta Elite Upgrade Kits from BT Paintball.



  • Fits any BT-4 model marker
  • Authentic SMG styling
  • Kit Includes:
    • BT Apex® Barrel with shroud
      • Hit previously untouchable targets with new curve features.
      • Adjustable ramp switch choose the desired level of the curve.
      • Left hook, right hook, dive bomb shots and long flat trajectory shots with a twist of the barrel.
    • Collapsible stock
    • Magazine, Picatinny mounted
    • Picatinny mount Clamp Elbow with shroud

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