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Empire Bottle Glove ZE 68 Grey Splatter^

Part Number:13KEE33529
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We no longer stock this item / Item has been discontinued
Product Information:
High pressure paintball bottles are nothing to mess with, as theyre crammed with 4,500psi of compressed air! Protect the air bottle that powers you and your paintball marker to victory with the Empire Pro Bottle Glove, designed to be less bulky than other paintball bottle covers while still offering maximum protection. Keep that bottle securely in your shoulder with Bottle Gripz silicone printing and take the cover on and off easily at the air station with a long, strong YKK zipper.

  • Minimalist design reduces the bulk of traditional tank covers but still protects your tank from scratches and chips, because 4500 psi is nothing to mess with.
  • Bottle Gripz silicone printing helps secure shouldering under any situation
  • Extra long YKK zipper to easily show your Hydro date to the people at the fill station

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