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Dye DM12 Paintball Gun - Black / Tan Dust^

Part Number 01DYE30180084
Dye DM12 Paintball Gun - Black / Tan Dust^
Dye DM12 Paintball Gun - Black / Tan Dust
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The Dye DM12 is the latest and most advanced member of the famed DM line. This is the paintball gun that the Ironmen and Damage have used to gain numerous titles, and has been the backbone of Dye’s product line for almost a decade. The DM12 can shoot the most fragile tournament-grade paint on the market, and is among the quietest, and most accurate, paintball guns in the world. The DM12 is lighter than last year’s model, and the combination of tried-and-true technology and innovative new features truly makes this marker, “The Choice of Champions.”
The DM12 features a new quick release bolt system that uses magnets within an extended back cap, giving you more surface area to grip and unscrew the bolt by hand. As a result, your DM12 is even easier to maintain.
Dye solicited feedback from top pro players when engineering the UL 45 frame. The resulting hourglass UL frame’s ergonomic design gives you total control of your DM12, while allowing you to effortlessly pull the trigger quickly. The integrated heads up display LED is positioned to allow you to see the status of your gun, while keeping your eyes on the game.
When you play, you want your paintball gun to have the lowest profile possible. The adjustable cam-lock feed neck will securely lock your loader onto your DM12 and help make your gun a smaller target.
First introduced in 2010, the UL airport delivers an aggressive look, in the smallest, and lightest, possible package. The balanced cam lever system allows you to toggle the air on and off easily to your gun.
The patent pending Eye Pipe protects the self-cleaning, anti-chop eyes behind a polycarbonate shield that is wiped clean each cycle of the bolt, and helps eliminate miss feeding, double-feeding, and chops. The internal design of the Eye Pipe means there are no external eye covers, and no screws to potentially get stripped or corroded.
The Low Pressure Regulator (LPR) is works with the Fuse bolt system to give the DM12 its super smooth and quiet operation. The precise control of the cycle speed and force given by the LPR, which operates at the extremely low pressure of 60 to 70 psi, allows you to shoot super brittle paint with confidence. The in-line regulator is smaller, and more consistent, and allows the air pressure to be adjusted in precise increments. This Hyper3 in-line regulator features a new shim stack that is more responsive, with better air flow and a faster response time by reacting more quickly to pressure changes. The greatly reduced size has allowed the Dye engineers to wrap the regulator with the soft rubber used in Sticky Grips. Lastly, the swivel ring allows the Hyper3 to line up correctly, no matter what your bottom line configuration.
The new Reach Trigger allows for individually optimized ergonomic comfort, and optimal trigger speed. You can now adjust the travel and reach of your trigger without disassembly of your grip, and a new angle adjustment, in conjunction with travel and spring tension adjustments permits a fully personalized trigger feel for ultimate performance.
The Sticky Grip, with front and rear contact pad and grip, fully wraps the frame and gives you easy access to the battery and circuit board for tool-free programming, while maintaining maximum comfort and grip-ability.
Maintaining your DM12 paintball gun is made easier by color-coded o-rings, which make the identification and correct replacement of o-rings a snap.
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