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Does my Paintball Tank Need to be Re-Hydrotested?

Posted by Will M. on 3/8/2014

We are often asked “How do I know when my tank needs to be hydrotested?” Searching online can be frustrating, as you try to decipher markings on your tank. Instead of searching and reading countless forums, grab your paintball tank and keep on reading. In a few short minutes you will know exactly when your paintball tank needs to be re-hydrotested!

First, a bit about paintball tanks and hydro testing. Paintball high pressure air tanks will need to be hydro tested every 3 or 5 years depending on the bottle manufacturer. The date of manufacture will be marked on the tank, and it is your responsibility to have it re-hydrotested when your tank expires.  Hydro testing involves pressurizing your tank to a level much higher than the tank is rated to handle. If your tank is able to withstand the pressure without failing, it will pass the test and be valid for another 3 to 5 years. If it fails, you will need to purchase a new tank. If you live in Ontario, Badlands recommends heading to Paintball City or Wasaga Beach Paintball to have your tank hydro tested.

If your tank passes the hydro test, the testing facility will apply a new month and year tag to your tank, usually protected under a layer of epoxy, in order to demonstrate that the tank has been tested, and has passed. This new date stamp will act as the new point of reference to be used for testing the tank again after the next 3 or 5 year period has expired.

It is illegal to fill a tank that is out of hydro-date, so if your local field refuses to fill your out-of-date tank, do not give them a hard time - the penalties for filling an expired tank are severe, and not only will the field be held responsible, but so will the individual who fills the tank.

Below is a picture of the manufacturing date of a Guardian 48/3000 compressed air tank. You will notice that this manufacturing date is stamped directly onto the bottle. The majority of steel or aluminium tanks are stamped in this manner. 
The manufacturing date is visible at the end of the stamp as 07 TUV1 13. The numbers that we care about in this case are 07 and 13. The first number indicates the month the tank was manufactured, and the second represents the last two digits of the year. This informs us that this tank was manufactured on the 7th month of 2013, or July 2013. Since this tank is valid for 5 years, it will have to be retested in July of 2018.
The picture above is taken from a Guardian 48/4500 Carbon Fiber tank. It shares the same manufacture date as the aluminium tank, but looks different. Carbon Fiber tanks will have their hydro dates and information on a label underneath the clear coat of the tank, instead of stamped onto the tank itself. You will also notice that it clearly states the tank is good for 5 years from the original hydro date, and has a total lifespan of 15 years.

Are any tanks exempt from being re-hydrotested? Yes. Tanks that have an external diameter of 2 inches or less, and are less than 2 feet long are exempt from being re-hydrotested. Tanks generally included in this category are 13/3000 compressed air tanks and small 3.5oz CO2 tanks.

Some paintball tanks will not have the TUV1 marking in between the month and year, and will instead use an arrow, “C”, or some other symbol. Below you can see some of the common manufacturing symbols that you will come across. If you are unsure of your tank’s hydro date, stop by your closest Badlands store, or send us an email with a picture of your tank’s information, and we will be more than happy to help you find the hydro date!
The above tank uses an Arrow to separate the month and year, and has a manufacture date of March 2007. It needed to be re-hydrotested in March, 2012.
This carbon fiber tank uses a "CL" to separate the month and year. This tank was manufactured in January, 2004.

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Calvin Date 4/8/2014
William Date 10/17/2014
My tank had to be retested by 2011, I haven't played since then so I never had it retested. Can I go have it tested now even though its been 3 years? Thank you in advance for your help.
Badlands-Will Date 10/17/2014
Hi William, You certainly can have it retested even though it is past its date. Give your local dive shop a call or let us know where abouts you are and we can see if we know of any shops around you!
John Vun Date 11/21/2014
What if my carbon tank never been used since then? Do i need to re-hydrotested after 5 year? Thanks for your advise.
Badlands-Will Date 11/21/2014
Hi John, Your tank will need to be hydrotested once its hydro date has expired regardless of usage.
Patrick Date 12/10/2014
What if you hydro test every five years, your tank passes an say your tank is past the fifteen years. You hydro test it an it passes is it fine to use? Not every tank will get wear like another
Badlands - Trevor Date 12/10/2014
Hi Patrick. If your tank is past the fifteen year mark, then it cannot be passed for use again, regardless of its condition. The hydro-testing facility should simply inform you that your tank can no longer be tested or filled.
Javi Date 1/14/2015
I have a 48/3000 empire tank aluminum but I am not sure where the hydro test date is there is a date on the bottom but it's not that visible because of wear but there is a date 11/13 on top where you fill it.Is that the date?
Badlands-Will Date 1/15/2015
Hi Javi, the hydro date will be at the top of the tank. If you see the first picture in this blog post, it shows you roughly where it is located. If the numbers show 11/13, your tank will have to be hydrotested in 5 years from that date, so in November, 2018. If you would like us to confirm the date, snap a picture of the stamped information at the top of the tank and email it to
Badlands-Will Date 3/16/2015
Hey Preston, give our Vancouver location a call. They will be best equipped to help you find a local area that can hydrotest. Their contact information can be found here:
Preston Lo Date 3/16/2015
I have a Ninja CF 68/4500 and it needs to be hydro tested in May, so where can I send this to get it tested? I live in BC
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