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Combat Uniform - 2 Piece Set - Pants and Jacket - ATACS

Part Number 16KWS0111X
Combat Uniform - 2 Piece Set - Pants and Jacket - ATACS
Combat Uniform - ATACS
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The Combat Uniform ATACS (Advanced Tactical Concealment System) is ideal for almost any situation where you need to blend in with the background. Designed with numerous shades, the ATACS camo is effective in a wide range of temperate environments. Using multiple shades in one design leads to a softening of lines and makes it very difficult to determine if the wearer is a person, or part of the environment.

Our Combat Uniforms are made out of a durable and long lasting Nylon/Cotton Rip Stop blend. Using durable material, combined with Rip Stop sewing, our Combat Uniforms are built to be abused. Drag it through the mud, run through the woods, even jump in some thorn bushes, your Combat Uniform Jacket and Pants will hold up.

Loaded up with pockets, the Combat Uniform can easily hold anything you need to bring on the field with you. From batteries to tools, it will easily fit into the Combat Uniforms pockets. With Velcro on the shoulders and on the front of the jacket, you can proudly display your team insignias. Each arm of the Combat Jacket features a large pocket with a Velcro strap that keeps the flap closed, ensuring you valuables or gear doesn't accidentally fall out. Two additional angled pockets are located on the front of the jacket. Created for ease of use, the angled pockets allow you to quickly grab what you need at a more natural angle. The pockets don't stop there, the Combat Uniform Jacket also has another pocket on the right arm, perfect for holding any extra accessories.

The Combat Uniform Pants feature an adjustable drawstring waist for the perfect fit. Not only does it have an adjustable waist, but it also has adjustable ankle cuffs. With ten pockets, the Combat Uniform Pants can easily carry whatever you need when you are on the field. The Combat Uniform Pants have your standard front pockets, and two back pockets held closed by buttons, ensuring whatever you have doesn't fall out. At your thigh level are two massive cargo pockets, one on each leg. Easily able to hold even the largest accessories, they are securely fastened closed by both Velcro and a drawstring. Further down on each leg is a smaller cargo pouch perfect for tools or even your radio! Finally, each leg features a pocket with reverse storage, meaning the opening is at the bottom, and the storage is above it. These pockets are perfect for a swab or squeegee that you want to fall right into your hand when you open your pocket!

Note: The Combat Uniform includes both the Jacket and Pants in the size you choose.


Combat Uniform Jacket:
  • 2 large angled breast pockets
  • 2 upper arm pockets with Velcro locking straps
  • 2 large lower arm pockets
  • Adjustable wrist straps for a comfortable fit
  • Zipper with Velcro Cover
  • 4" x 4" Velcro patch on each arm for patches
  • 1" x 5" Velcro patch on each side of chest for patches
Combat Uniform Pants:
  • Drawstring waist
  • Drawstring ankle cuffs
  • 2 back pockets with button flaps
  • 2 standard front pockets
  • 2 large cargo pockets with Velcro flap and drawstrings
  • 2 small cargo pockets with Velcro flaps
  • 2 reverse pockets
  • Button fly
Sizing Chart:
Combat Uniform Medium Pants
Inseam: 29 1/2" to 32 1/2"
Waist: 28" - 32"

Combat Uniform Large Pants
Inseam: 30 1/2" to 33 1/2"
Waist: 30" - 34"

Combat Uniform XL Pants
Inseam: 31 1/2" to 34 1/2"
Waist: 32"- 36"

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