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BT HRT Vest Olive^
BT HRT Vest Olive

BT HRT Vest Olive^

Part Number:13KEE-HRT-Olive
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Our MERC, Static, and HRT vests use MOLLE technology. (Modular, Lightweight, Load-carrying, Equipment)  This means that YOU get to choose what kind of accessories YOU want and where YOU want to put them.  If you want to carry 24 pods then go for it.  The full line of MOLLE Vests from BT Paintball accommodates a never ending variety of setups.  One day you might want to run light and fast with only a couple pods and a side arm. Other days you might have to rain down suppressive fire for your teammates during a major engagement.  Our line of accessories lets you outfit your vest and change it whenever you want.  And yes if you just have to have that authentic US Military whatever pouch, it will fit on any of the full MOLLE vests from BT Paintball.   




The HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) vest from BT Paintball is designed for those guys who prefer to be up close and personal with the enemy.  This rugged ARMOR style vest is not for POGs .  This is up front, kicking down a door, flash banging a room, in your face, Im gonna get you sucka, no holds barred CQB style vest.  Attach any MOLLE accessory. Grab your TM-7, your side arm, and lets go shoot people.  Lead the charge with the HRT Vest from BT Paintball.


  • Fully adjustable side straps and shoulder straps, to get that perfect fit.
  • Belt loops so you can use your belt or get one of ours.
  • Velcro name panel front and back, so your enemy can remember your name.
  • MOLLE straps cover the front and back to give you endless configuration options.
  • Comfortable molded EVA foam helps soften the weight of your gear
  • Drag handle, where youre going you either walk out or get scraped off the wall
  • Available in Olive Drab or Tan
  • Sizes M/L or XL/XXL

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