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BT-4 Combat Mega Pack Black^
BT-4 Combat Mega Pack Black

BT-4 Combat Mega Pack Black^

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The BT-4 Combat Mega Pack is a great starter package and it features the marker that started the BT-4 Series. It’s the perfect scenario or woodsball marker which allows you to build the perfect one-of-a-kind beast. Fully upgradeable, the Combat is the scenario marker by which others are judged. This reliable and accurate marker is the obvious choice for use in your scenario or woodsball event.

The front grip is removable and the military standard dual Picatinny rails accept many tactical upgrades like optics and other accessories like the BT Flashsight.  The trigger system can be enhanced with by installing the Double Trigger and Electronic Grip Frame to increase your rate of fire.  With available upgrades like the HALO™ powered Rip Clip™ and Apex™ Barrel system, the BT4 Combat is the core of our successful BT4 line of markers.

If you are looking to customize your paintball gun, start with the BT4 Combat and open a world of realistically styled marker configurations.  Step into Combat with BT Paintball.


  • BT-4 Combat Marker
  • Extreme Rage X-Ray Goggles
  • Extreme Rage Overdrive Motorized Loader
  • BT-4 Collapsible Stock

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