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Tactical Paintball Barrel 98 14 Inch by Killhouse Weapon Systems Tactical Paintball Barrel 98 14 Inch by Killhouse Weapon Systems
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LUXE 2.0 OLED Paintball Gun Polished Purple/Dust Pink
Ninja 90/4.5k SL Superlite Paintball Tank
Planet Eclipse PCB Screw/Etek3/ETHA Manifold
DYE I4 Goggle System Thermal Barracks Olive

Special thanks to Edmonton Impact!

Posted by Owen Ronayne on 10/25/2011 to Tournaments and Big Games
Thanks to number one Canadian Pro team 'Edmonton Impact' for finding the time in their World Cup training schedule to sign posters for their fans at Badlands Central Boutique in Toronto on Saturday, October 15th.

GFL Winners Collect their Winnings!

Posted by Owen Ronayne on 10/25/2011 to Tournaments and Big Games
The biggest prize-package in Canada has now been claimed by GFL Winners Cambridge Raiders (Open Class) and Kingston Red Dragons (Entry Class).

PB Addicts take 1st in X5 Paintball League

Posted by Owen Ronayne on 10/14/2011 to Tournaments and Big Games
Congratulations PB Addicts on securing 1st place in the season standings at Ambush/Sniperz X5 Paintball League in BC! Addicts are based out of Surrey, BC and this is their first season as a Badlands 'Gold Level' Sponsored team.

Grid Fighters 2011 Season Finale

Posted by Navy Kim, GFL Player-Correspondant on 10/5/2011 to Tournaments and Big Games
Saturday September 3rd 2011 marked the final event of the GFLís first season. Held at Defcon Paintball in Downsview Park, Toronto, this event couldnít have been set at a more opportune time, gratefully complimented with backdrop music and live bands from the Concert for Japan. Now this is something you donít see at every paintball tournament!

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