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Am I Ready for this Paintball Season?

Posted by Will M. on 3/21/2014 to Paintball Tips

We had a long, cold winter in Canada this year. As the winter blues are quickly fleeting, itís time to dust off your paintball gear and get it ready for a new season. Before you make your way to the field, you need to make sure that your gear is ready to rock and roll. Nothing is worse than heading to the field, only to find out that your gun has a leak or dead battery.

Before hitting the field, here is a quick check list for the average player. Once you knock through this list, you and your gear should be ready for some paintball!

1) Replace those batteries! Your batteries have been sitting stagnant in your loader and gun all winter. They will likely need to be replaced before you head out for a day of paintball. Nothing is worse than gearing up and getting ready to play, only to find out that your fully loaded hopper is dead on batteries, or your paintball gun will not turn on. Donít be fooled when you turn on your gun at home and it appears to work fine. Many paintball guns will flash at you indicating they have battery life left. Once you are on the field, you may turn on your gun only to find out that your battery has enough juice to power the LED, but not the solenoid!
2) If you havenít been out playing during the winter months, you might want to give that paintball gun a quick cleaning and lubing. Badlands recommends using lube designed specifically for paintball guns, that can be found here. If you are uncomfortable with disassembling your paintball gun, you can always stop by your local Badlands store and sign it in to our tech centre! Our certified technicians will replace any worn or damaged parts, and get your gun running smoothly.

3) Be prepared! Give your pods a quick inspection and do a head count. Make sure that you have enough pods left over from last season, and that the thumb tabs are not damaged or broken off completely. Stop by your closest Badlands store and stock up, or order online here.

4) Double check your paintball maskís lens. A new paintball season is starting, and this is the perfect time for you to invest in a new lens. Your existing lens likely has scratches and wear from the rigours of your last season of paintball. Replacing it before you play will guarantee clear vision- well, at least until you get gogged! Check out our variety of lenses available here.

5) Inspect your soft gear. Check your paintball pads, pants, and jersey for any rips or tears that could cause a problem. Consider upgrading to new gear if the elastic in your padding is starting to lose its tension. Remember, some days you will be playing for 8 or more hours at a time- do you really want to be stuck out there in ill-fitting gear?

Follow these 5 simple steps, and your first day out this season should be flawless! Do you have more tips to share? Leave a comment below!

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