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Arachnid Quebec


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Arachnid Quebec is a Milsim SOP-standardized paintball team based largely out of Quebec City. Arachnid Quebec came about as a partnership accross both borders and the Atlantic, with the original team being based in France, and aptly named Arachnid France. With a fruiful and positive partnership between Christophe Ravel and Steve Gagnon, Arachnid Quebec was born. To this day, Arachnid Quebec strives to create a positive environment for paintballers in both Quebec and France.

All members of Arachnid Quebec share a passion for the sport of paintball, and can be found utilizing non standard paintball tactics to both surprise and overwhelm their opponents. Arachnid Quebecs unique make up of speedball, recball and die-hard milsim paintballers gives them a diverse range of skill sets which they effectively utilize on the field. What are the guys and gals from Arachnid Quebec up to between games and tournaments? You can find them training and practicing to keep their minds fresh and skills sharp. Training in Arachnid Quebec is divided into three parts;

SOP Rules
Carbine and Tactical Routine
Paintball Strategy and Team Work

All Arachnid Quebec hopefuls must successfully pass each training in order to become an Official Arachnid Quebec member. Each member must also exhibit respect to their fellow paintballer and must constant strive to be a positive example in the paintball community.

Team Motto "Abolishing the Unknown to Move Faster"