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Angel A1 Fly - Ice Velvet w/ Silver^
Angel A1 Fly - Ice Velvet w/ Silver

Angel A1 Fly - Ice Velvet w/ Silver^

Part Number:01WDP08A1FLYDSS
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We no longer stock this item / Item has been discontinued
Featuring Magno internals, carbon fiber barrel tip, lower operating pressure, and up to 1800 shots on a 68 ci tank, the Angel A1 Fly is the newest Angel on the market.
  • Visible modular break-beam anti-chop eyes that are self-cleaning and can be replaced individually
  • Lightened hammer and bolt reduce cycling mass to eliminate kick and paint breakage. The Angel 1 has the lowest ball-kiss ration of any high end paintball marker
  • Rear positioned LPR, Solenoid, and Ram assembly create huge gas galleries and improve air flow
  • New user friendly interface electronics with Blackberry style scroll wheel Super bright Organic LED (OLED) display
  • Operates on a standard 9v battery. Super-charged Angel 9v battery delivering 350,000 shots included
  • Friction-free micro-bearing break-beam trigger with four points of easy adjustment: Forward stroke Back stroke
  • Return strength Activation point Low force ASA on/off adaptor with auto gas bleed and integrated dovetail mount (attached to gun)
  • Lever arm clamping low rise feed tube
  • Three piece light weight Angel barrel kit:
    • 0.691"
    • 0.693"
    • 0.695"
    • 0.700"
    • Barrel tip
  • Included in the box:
    • Barrel sleeve
    • Branded Aluminum tool box complete with all tools required for service and general maintenance.
    • Love Juice oil
    • Instructional manual (including warranty information).

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